Friday, May 17, 2013

Work days

The days are definitely getting cooler but during the day in the sunshine it is just gorgeous.

Thursday - Day 16

Top: Marfy blouse in lemon polyester with a self pattern through it (blogged here)
Skirt: Vogue 7937 in navy linen, worn on Day 3.
Accessory: Me-made earrings.
Hosiery/Nylons:Voodoo Celestial
Shoes:  Tahari Melanie shoes.

Friday - Day 17

Top: Kwik Sew 3470 in brown/blue batik type knit (blogged here)
Skirt: BWOF 04-2009-101 in brown corduroy (blogged here)
Accessory: Me-made necklace and me-made earrings.
Hosiery/Nylons:Voodoo Celestial
Shoes:  Betts Camel Flats.

Today's photo challenge was "Hats" and I couldn't get this one to work.

It is the end of the working week, and I've still got SWAP photos to take and lodge before I go to bed tomorrow night!!


becki-c said...

Gorgeous! I had forgotten about your Marfy blouse, its beautiful. Very pretty outfits.

RhondaBuss said...

Wow, I really like the blue and brown combination on you. You just pop when you combine those two colors. The Marfy blouse is such a soft and feminine look.

velosews said...

Hang on to your hat. We'll get the SWAP photos done today!
Love these outfits Sharon. The Marfy blouse is wonderful.

BeaJay said...

Looking great as usual. Very stylish. Looking forward to the SWAP pics.

Irene said...

You look wonderful, as always.