Monday, April 30, 2012

I did it !!!

I've completed my SWAP and I am absolutely thrilled about it.

So here are the last 2 pieces, the Minoru Jacket and BWOF 02-2009-108 Bateau Neck Top which I have made before here

These are some photos of the Minoru Jacket that were taken yesterday, showing the hood, lining etc.

Lining and internal pocket
Zippered up and ready for action

Hood lining

Lining and I used sun silky for the lining sleeves

For this version of BWOF 02-2009-108 I compared the shoulder and arm holes with my Kwik.Sew 3740 pattern that I really love the fit of and adjusted this pattern to reflect those.

The fabric is a brown/green/cream abstract print from Fabulous Fabrics (sorry girls I thought it was from Knitwit) that I purchased when we went to Perth last September.

Now for the photos, 7 minimum and 12 maximum which we have to lodge by 8 May.  Why is the weather forecast for Sydney looking like it could be wet all week and I've got 2 short sleeve tops, 1 sleeveless dress and shorts to photograph Skype Emoticons

Sunday, April 22, 2012

New accessories

Over the last few weeks I have been working on some new accessories, namely necklaces and have learnt a few new techniques as well.

The first is a bead spiral with the netting stitch for the smaller beads.

Here is a closer look at the beads in the spiral.

Next was something to go with the greens in my wardrobe, so to take a break from needlework and get back to using the tools, I worked with jump rings and created Byzantine chains and then added beads in between.

This is better shot of the colours and you can see the Byzantine chain a bit better.

Sewing news is that the Minoru is very close to be being finished, only the elastic at the waist and hem are left to do!!

Unfortunately, I have to pack up my sewing room for guests to stay, but do plan on cutting out my knit top for the SWAP and setting up my machines to sew on Anzac Day at the dining table, I will just pretend I am at a Guild Meeting Skype Emoticons

Monday, April 16, 2012

An extra layer

I've finished the Jalie Vest and I am rather pleased at how it looks.

I only did the one adjustment for this pattern, and it was to shape the centre back seam to accommodate my round shoulders.  This is not the way that I do my round shoulder adjustment for garments with sleeves, but this worked for this vest.

However after looking at the pictures above and wearing it today, the back neckline might be a bit high.  I will get my sewing buddies to have a look at it when I see them next.

I cut this vest out of the left overs from this skirt and blouse and this dress.

There are a few things that I did with this pattern, that aren't in the instructions, but then they aren't in a lot of instructions either.

  1. Pressed all the seams open, using a June Taylor Board which lets me get into all the tight spaces and then pinked all the seams.

  2. Understitched all the seam edges, even understitching the hem seam by hand as I couldn't get my sewing machine into the small opening in the lining.  

There is also a mistake in the diagram for (step 43) which says, "pin bottom edge of vest and stitch".  Then the diagram for View C looks like this:
But in fact this is what it should look like, you can't see the armholes or neat topstitched seams, it is all tucked inside.

You then pull it out through the gap in the lining (step 44) and finish off with some handstitching, topstitching, buttonholes and buttons.

Here you can see the lining, it is only on the centre back panel.

This is item 10 for my SWAP, and it is a woman's prerogative to change her mind, so the 2nd pair of shorts are out and the vest is in.

So I only have to finish the Minoru and a knit top before end of April, Facebook smileys

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Signing up for


I, Sharon of Petite and Sewing, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '12. I endeavor to wear at least two me made pieces for the duration of May 2012.

Yes, I have signed up again for this years ONLY me made month.

During the last two challenges in 2011 - September and June, I have managed to wear at least one me made garment a day , so this time I have upped the ante for myself to wear two me made pieces (sewn, knitted or jewellery) for the duration of May 2012. 

My thinking is that with the garments from my SWAP which finishes on 30 April, I will have 11 new me-made pieces for this challenge, and there is always the garments I could add between now and the end of May, as the girls on PR are doing their best to get me focused on sewing for the colder months.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Plenty of sewing, but

nothing is quite finished.

First up is the Minoru, which is now at the point where the lining needs to be attached to the main fabric, elastic at the waist, hems and a lot of topstitching.

Then there is Jalie 3129 Women's Vest, View C that I traced off and cut out on Friday which needs some hand sewing, more topstitching, buttonholes and buttons.

I am very happy with both of these garments and will share more details when they are wearable :)

AND, my wonderful Easter gifts,
  •  My Mum and Sister visited on Good Friday for a lot of catching up, and
  •  I was 1 of the winners of the five Simplicity/New Look Patterns that Tilly and the Buttons had to give away from the OWOP Challenge. How good is that!

Now to check out the Simplicity website and choose 5 Simplicity/New Look Patterns.