Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sit and Sew at Tessuti

Last Saturday, 7 dedicated sewers landed on the doorsteps at Tessuti Surry Hills to take our places in their Sew Inn and sew for the day.

The day was organised by Dilliander and Colette made us all feel very welcome, chatting about our projects and offering tea/coffee as well as answering any of our questions regarding the fabrics and the Tessuti patterns.

At the table above is Kristy, Beverley, and I with Wendy at the cutting table and Maria and Margaret were checking out the fabric and Dilliander was our photographer.

It was a real treat not having to lug our sewing machines along for the day and I made good progress on both my tweed skirt and Damask top.

Kristy and I were recognised by a fellow blogger, Wendy who is having a wonderful time sewing but hasn't updated the blog for quite some time (this is what we were discussing Kristy).  We had a number of customers come and see what we were up to and was asked advice by one lady on suitable styles for the piece of fabric she had fallen in love with.  It was so encouraging to see so many customers in the shop throughout the day.

I did restrain myself from any fabric purchases, but I had been to Tessuti the week before and purchased some gorgeous gold silk for the lining for my French Inspired Jacket.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Make a Garment a Month - November Plans

All of a sudden I seem to have no blouses/tops for work so I have decided to make another version of my TNT top, which is OOP Vogue 8572 using an off white damask fabric that has been in the stash for years.

Even though this is the base pattern, my addition of fitting darts has changed the look of this pattern quite a bit as you can see here and here.

I hope to be back soon with the finished top and another completed piece from my October list.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Raglan T-Shirt

I have finished Burda 02-2013-126 the short sleeve version of the gathered sleeve t-shirt using a latte mercury jersey that was in the stash and purchased from Lincraft a few years ago.

This was supposed to be my October garment for Make a Garment a Month as promised.

This is a quick t-shirt to sew, but this is where I let myself down.  I tend to sew too far along before I try on anything and at this stage I had overlocked the sleeves in place before I tried it on.

Oh no, far too much fabric in the front and back  necklines and the gathers on the sleeves weren't even (I thought I had checked those).  I'm not certain if the neckline stretched or the fact that I didn't do my normal 1cm gaposis tuck to the front neckline.

Not sure why I put the beads on!

I am not a fan of undoing 4 thread overlocking so I decided to put the neckband on and see what the result was.

You can see above that the front of the T-shirt has gathers where I don't want them especially when there is not enough fabric across the bust!

The back neckline wasn't quite as bad, but it still needs some work.

The sleeves also grab my arms when I move them forward, not comfortable.

I am calling it a fail, as this top doesn't meet my expectations of a wearable garment e.g.outside the house.

I can see the possibilities with this top so I will give the pattern another try with more care with the gathers, some adjustments and trying it on much sooner.

On other news I managed to pick up Vogue 8904 from the Spotlight sale but now that the weather is warming up I have suddenly realised I am in dire need of summer tops so it looks like my garment for November will be a top!

Stash Out:   25.5 m
Stash In:     22.3 m