Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Raglan T-Shirt

I have finished Burda 02-2013-126 the short sleeve version of the gathered sleeve t-shirt using a latte mercury jersey that was in the stash and purchased from Lincraft a few years ago.

This was supposed to be my October garment for Make a Garment a Month as promised.

This is a quick t-shirt to sew, but this is where I let myself down.  I tend to sew too far along before I try on anything and at this stage I had overlocked the sleeves in place before I tried it on.

Oh no, far too much fabric in the front and back  necklines and the gathers on the sleeves weren't even (I thought I had checked those).  I'm not certain if the neckline stretched or the fact that I didn't do my normal 1cm gaposis tuck to the front neckline.

Not sure why I put the beads on!

I am not a fan of undoing 4 thread overlocking so I decided to put the neckband on and see what the result was.

You can see above that the front of the T-shirt has gathers where I don't want them especially when there is not enough fabric across the bust!

The back neckline wasn't quite as bad, but it still needs some work.

The sleeves also grab my arms when I move them forward, not comfortable.

I am calling it a fail, as this top doesn't meet my expectations of a wearable garment e.g.outside the house.

I can see the possibilities with this top so I will give the pattern another try with more care with the gathers, some adjustments and trying it on much sooner.

On other news I managed to pick up Vogue 8904 from the Spotlight sale but now that the weather is warming up I have suddenly realised I am in dire need of summer tops so it looks like my garment for November will be a top!

Stash Out:   25.5 m
Stash In:     22.3 m


Gail said...

Sharon, I think this pattern is worth perfecting as the style suits you. You might need a sway back adjustment in your alterations.

Karen Pior said...

I love the style of this t-shirt. The gathers around the raglan seamlines are a great design feature - really lifts it from the ordinary to the special. Well worth another try if you aren't happy with this one!! Cheers, Karen

Sue said...

The style suits you so it is probably worth persisiting with this pattern.

BeaJay said...

Not a fail - a muslin! Vogue 8904 will look great on you. I do understand wanting to do one pattern and then needing to do another. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Linda T said...

I was really attracted to this pattern, but then wondered about the gathered raglan. Sometimes raglans and I don't get along well. If you get this perfected, it may give me the courage to give it a go.

Robyn said...

What a shame - it's always disappointing when garments don't turn out as you hoped. Good luck with your other new summer tops.

sarahlizsewstyle.blogspot.com said...

Yes, I'm with BeaJay - this is a muslin, and a learning (or re-learning) experience! It's a nice top to go back to in the future.

I won't post this as I know how you feel about it :)

Good luck with the tops - it is that time of year :)

Sew Leonie said...

What a shame you didn't get a wearable version the first time. Set the pattern aside until the frustration is gone, then have another go. As others have already said, I think this style suits you and it would be worth giving it another shot.

Kristy Chan said...

Great minds think alike - I traced this out just yesterday planning to make it after my dress for this Saturday's high tea. Glad you went first though, now I know what problems to look for! I think it does have potential though, it's a dressier take on the plain old tshirt

KC said...

I'm grateful when people like you post unwearable work. I always think an unsuccessful piece is a sign I just can't sew. So it is reassuring when someone as competent and talented as you are still runs into the same result. Thanks!