Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dressmaking with Stitches

I'm so glad I didn't say which Christmas I would have Volume 21 available for you to download as I have just missed the 2nd Christmas since I made that rather rash statement.

To that end I would like to thank Ellen, one of my fellow sewers at Rhodes who enjoys using the index, for her assistance in proof reading Volume 21 for me so that I could share this with you sooner than my time seemed to be letting me get it done.

So here is the Index for Volume 21 for you to take a copy if you wish.  I have again shared this with Lynn Cook.

No promises in future, but Volume 22 is underway and well Volume 23 has snuck up on me!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Gift giving

It all started when my best friend saw this necklace and gave the largest hint that one in various shades of purple would be a wonderful Christmas present, so who was I do deny her.

Another trip to Zilchbeads was organised and the lovely ladies helped me sort out the beads for this necklace.

and a close up of the colours

Whilst I was there, I saw a very stylish necklace and thought it would be an ideal gift for Mum so before I left the class the beads were gathered.

and an evening later I had finished this necklace which is 48 cm in length.

It will work with all her plain tops to add a bit of sparkle!

Whilst there I also saw some lovely beads that are hand made that will be perfect with the coral and watermelon fabric that is part of my 2015 SWAP plans, just not so sure I want to get involved in making beads!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 - My Sewing Year

Happy New Year!

I have spent quite some time reading everyone's reviews of 2014, so I have decided to have a look at what I have achieved again this year using Gillian's format, from Crafting a Rainbow

Now I know I don't have 5 for each of the categories, but here we go!

This for me are the garments that have been worn and the following pieces are in constant rotation in my wardrobe.

Vogue 8572 OOP blouses

TNT Self Drafted Skirt - Navy and Brown
KS 3740 knit tops - Arrows and Sandra Knit

Marfy Skirt 0757
Fehr Trade Duathlon Gym Shorts
My Chanel inspired jacket, I had such high hopes for it back in December 2013 but it and the skirt were never worn, the jacket just felt "too big" even though I had made the pattern before the different technique made it a much "softer" jacket which in turn didn't feel right.

I am still trying to get up the courage to do some major frog stitching as I am in still in love with the fabric.

The second miss is the Marfy blouse, it was worn once but tucking tops into my skirt is not what I normally do and it has too much fullness to be worn untucked.  This will be going to charity but I do plan on making another one but fine tuning the fullness first.

Highlight, Reflections and Goals

Visiting Linton Tweed and purchasing some of their gorgeous fabrics.  This trip also let us spend some quality time with my Mother-In-Law who sadly passed away on Boxing Day, a sad time for us all.

I have noticed over the past 12 months that I am taking a lot more time with my sewing and that hand sewing is not so foreign any more.

Even though I do like to see how many garments I have made during the year (22) I am not going to try and achieve a greater number next year, purely for the reason above.

Now as far as Stash Busting went I was a complete failure this year, 34.95 metres out and an astonishing 51.25 metres in, there must have been a lot of my colours around this year!

So how did I go with last years goals:

1.     Play with my coverstitch binders - Completed - I did play with my coverstich binders, both woven and knit
Woven binder on my yellow top

Knit bind on the Sandra Top
2.     Sew 3/4 of my garments from my stash and fabric purchased will be less than what I sew - Failed.

3.     Enter at least 1 competition - Completed - I entered two contests at Pattern Review, the New to Me Pattern Company Contest with my Coral Shirred Top and the Mini Wardrobe Competition  with my Active Wear!

4.     Spend at least 20 minutes a day in my sewing room - 75% of the time - I do manage to spend time in my sewing room however being active and training does impact on this but I have learnt that life balance is important.

5.     Conquer Pants - Failed - I learnt a lot about pants in 2014 however the fit I am after is still evading me.
and for 2015, well
  1. Pants - no need to say any more.
  2. Focus on my basics, I suddenly have no short sleeved tops for summer, I need to remedy this immediately.
  3. Enter at least 1 competition on either Stitcher's Guild or Pattern Review.
I would like to also take this opportunity to thank all of you who read and/or comment on my blog.

Finally here is the annual collage of my makes for 2014.