Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dressmaking with Stitches

I'm so glad I didn't say which Christmas I would have Volume 21 available for you to download as I have just missed the 2nd Christmas since I made that rather rash statement.

To that end I would like to thank Ellen, one of my fellow sewers at Rhodes who enjoys using the index, for her assistance in proof reading Volume 21 for me so that I could share this with you sooner than my time seemed to be letting me get it done.

So here is the Index for Volume 21 for you to take a copy if you wish.  I have again shared this with Lynn Cook.

No promises in future, but Volume 22 is underway and well Volume 23 has snuck up on me!


Accordion3 said...

I used to subscribe to Stitches - pre babies! Is it available digitally yet?

sarahlizsewstyle said...

I've just had a look - what a lot of work - just like sewing. I've got most of these issues, so I am sure the index will be handy - thank you.

Therese said...

Hi Sharon, you lost me there. Are you publishing a magazine? and if yes is it available in the shops?
Kind regards,

KathyS said...

Thank you, Sharon. I will add this index to all the others you have compiled. As always your work is much appreciated.

Emma said...

Great to see you again last Friday Sharon, just wanted to say again how fantastic your bag is!

Anonymous said...

Hi sharon