Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A travel wardrobe - Hong Kong

Life really got in the way of my sewing and blogging over the past month, however part of the absence was due to a trip to Hong Kong.

Back in January I saw that the American Sewing Guild was organising their "Sew Much Fun Tour, Hong Kong" for December of this year and thought this would be the perfect way to revisit a city that didn't have a fabric interest for me when I last visited in 1985.

The tour was from 3 to 10 December, however as my sister was travelling with me and had never been to Hong Kong before we arrived before the tour started on 30 November.

Again I organised my travel wardrobe and thought I would share this with you.

Time away:
11 days

Where to:
Hong Kong

The start of Winter and the temperature range was from 12c to 20c with low humidity which was perfect for me.  The actual temperatures were spot on and we only had one real day that it sprinkled on us and then that wasn't too much at all.

Expected Activities:
Checking out all the tourist sights in Hong Kong and Kowloon as well as the planned activities with the ladies from the American Sewing Guild.  This meant a lot of walking and after the first day we were very comfortable with the MTR (rail system).

Colour scheme:
orange, cream, navy and brown and my coral t-shirt just in case a hot day appeared.

What I packed:
(each garment is linked to it's original construction post - top to bottom, left to right)

Taupe flats
Orange loafers
Tan loafers (purchased in Hong Kong)

I was warm and very comfortable, the coldest day was 11c so my cardigan and jacket were the perfect layering pieces.  All the tops went with all the bottoms and at no time did I wear the same top and bottom combination.  We did do laundry at the self serve laundry at our hotel which was quite cheap compared to the hotel charges.

My collection of jewellery did change the look of the tops, but I was sorry I didn't pack another cardigan as my merino cardigan was worn almost every day and a pair of boots would of made sense as well as the skirt only had one outing as the weather was a bit to chilly for me without tights and they just don't look right with loafers.

The ladies from the American Sewing Guild group were a wonderful group of ladies and they had even convinced another Aussie to attend from Darwin who had been on the New York tour!  On our first day with the group Linda gave each of us the UltraFine Threader and at breakfast on the last day, the badge that says it all!

My sister and I also took the opportunity to spend some time over lunch with Alison C and Manuela on separate days discussing their fabric haunts and what they were creating.  Thank you so much Alison and Manuela for taking the time to meet up with us, we really appreciated it.

For a fabric tour, very little followed me home, we were wandering around Sham Shu Poi and stumbled across some Japanese Red Selvedge Denim and 5 yards for A$14 was just too good to pass up.

I also found this remnant of vinyl which I thought might just work out for my animal print tote!

A few haberdashery items found their way into my sisters suitcase for Mum to give me for Christmas as well as some zips for A$1.30 each and some grosgrain ribbon in Potters Lane.

French curve, Notcher (Japan), Arm hole ruler
Now to try and behave myself and not sign up for one of the Sew Much Fun, New York Tours!