Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm Hooked

I am finding the internet community such an inspiration, I think about sewing, am seeing what garments I want to make amongst my stash, sewing instead of watching TV and also to challenge myself with new techniques.

So I have signed on for another Sew Along.

Before I go any further I want my wonderful real life sewing buddies (and you all know who you are) to please understand that you are very dear to me and are great friends, and I couldn’t do as much sewing without you, however your contact on a daily basis just isn't there, although I have noticed that two of you have joined me in this Sew Along.

It is on the Stitchers Guild site once again and the rules this time are:

  1. JCC sewers who completed the JCC but want to sew some additional pieces. These must co-ordinate with AT LEAST ONE item from the JCC.

  2. JCC sewers who DID NOT complete the JCC but want somewhere to sew along and show their pieces so they don't lose momentum. Yes you can finish here :-)

  3. JCC lurkers who love the capsule idea but didn't take part in the JCC for whatever reason. As you have no JCC to add to, you need to choose something in your wardrobe that you sewed or purchased as a starting point, the first item you sew in July must co-ordinate with this, and the next with either.In any of the above cases you need to sew two items in July, and post photos or links in this thread so we can cheer you along.

    I'm in two minds about the no black, I'm all for continuing the ban as I think it has been very liberating, but I think we might say you can include black as long as its in a print or weave

I will Sew Along under No. 1 as I really want to make the shell top that I had planned for the JCC in the silk I purchased in China in April, but before I do this I want to fine tune the pattern I used for the Oyster Shell Top and plan to do this with a fabric I purchased (amongst a heap of others) at Kerryn’s Fabric World in July last year which will go with the skirt in my JCC and matches perfectly to another Channel jacket that is in the wardrobe.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

June Capsule Contest 2008

I did it!!!
I have been visiting the Stitchers Guild blog for some time now and one of the ladies suggested a "June Capsule Contest" for those that hadn't completed the 2008 Timmel Swap, or those lurking to join in, so I decided to join in and see how I went. I had always thought about the Timmel Swap however the number of pieces was just too daunting.

The contest rules were:

  • 4 garments and 1 accessory
  • No black
  • There must be at least one top and one bottom
  • All items must co-ordinate
  • One item can be made before June
  • One item can be purchased

Here is what I planned to make and the accessory hadn't been finalised at this stage.

I really procrastinated for the first two weeks, not a good sign and then started on the Oyster Chamois shell top just before the "Roberta Girls" headed to Ferndale for a weekend of sewing and good food.

On the weekend at Ferndale I managed to sew the Brown Wool Crepe Skirt, including the lining up to hemming stage. I then put the sleeves into the Oyster Chamois and this didn't look good, pulling around the armholes which I didn't know how to fix so instead of wasting my time I decided to put this on hold and get on with it. I started the Coffee Knit top and had this well underway by the time we left on the Sunday afternoon.

One of Alison's friends Susan joined us for the weekend and she does some lovely beading. I showed her my fabrics and this is what she designed/made for me:

I am absolutely thrilled with it. This is officially my purchased item and my accessory.

It is now the 23rd of June and not one items is finished!! The shell tops don't look like they will be made as there are some fitting issues that I can't quite work out by myeslf.

I finished the skirt and lining hems during that week.

On Saturday (28 June) the Rhodes Fashion Sewers (ASG group at Rhodes) had invited Angie Zimmerman to join us to work on our pants. Luckily Angie had some time to help with me with the shell top fitting issues and the oyster shell top was back on track.

Unfortunately domestics took over on Sunday so on Monday 30 June as soon as I arrived home I locked myself in the sewing room as I was determined to finish. The oyster shell top had the side zip to be put in, sleeves and hems. DH regularly bought in the chocolate and tea to keep me going.

As I didn't make the 2nd Shell Top, I was very thankful for the rules allowing a "made before June item" so I substituted this with the Channel Style Jacket that I made earlier. This co-ordinated with all of my pieces so worked a treat.

Now here is the completed ensemble: "Brown is my Thing"

Top:Coffee Knit tee from Kwik Sew 3378 view A.

This was made from fabric purchased in January this year from my local sewing shop. I am wearing a purchased cami underneath.

Brown Wool Crepe from Vogue 7937 view A-B without the belt loops.

This was made from fabric that I purchased from Lincraft and has been maturing in my stash.
The pattern is not lined, however I always line all my garments and then attach lace to the hem for the finishing touch. The back of the skirt has back vents which I have used Hong Kong finishes on the self facings and extensions of the skirt (shown above).

Jacket – Made before June
Brown, blue and green Tweed Jacket from Vogue 7975 view A.

I made some minor changes to the sewing of this jacket e.g. I sewed the tape on the front of the jacket before finishing off the neck or hem edges (I had sewn the jacket front and facing together, trimmed and under stitched so I had an edge to line the tape up to). I didn’t use the ribbon as the closure, I sewed 6 large black hooks and eyes on the jacket so I could close it. The photo doesn't show the colours in the jacket very well, this is much better

Worn with the Top and Skirt from above.

Shell TopOyster Chamois top from Vogue 8572 (OOP) view C.

This was made from fabric purchased from Martin & Savage the fabric suppliers here in Sydney on an Industry Day with the ASG 3 years ago.

I made some adjustments to the pattern, creating fitting darts both front and back, bust dart and an invisible zipper in the side seam to enable me to get the top on/off.

Worn with the Skirt and the Jacket is draped over my shoulder.

I'm so thrilled to have completed the 3 garments in such as short time as my sewing is usually a lot slower than this.