Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday chores

This morning saw me dressed in my old RTW to weed the garden and then I got changed to go grocery shopping and this is on my arrival home.

Top: Kwik.Sew 3740 in white/toffee/red/brown knit (blogged here)
Jeans: Jalie 2908 white denim jeans  (blogged here)
Accessory:  Purchased gold band choker with a burgundy tear drop and purchased earrings.
Shoes:  Betts camel flats.

Then I spent the afternoon in my sewing room, mainly dressed like this:

Still working on the joys of working on trouser fitting!!


RebeccaHoward said...

Interesting length and love the waistband. The fitting is lookin pretty good. No baggy bits under the bum.

Carolyn said...

That is a smart outfit for grocery shopping. I love your colour combinations, and your "helper" of course!

Renata said...

Nice bright outfit for the dreary day we had. Love the colours in the top. Nice to see Roscoe is allowed back in the photo.

Linda T said...

You dress up lots more than I do to go grocery shopping! ;)

Mary said...

You always look pulled together, even in your muslin!!

BeaJay said...

I would have thought you have pants fitting down pat with the great jeans you make! Interested to see what these become.

Jen said...

I'm currently making my first pants too! Mine shouldn't really be that hard since they are a 40's style wide leg, but they are frustrating me. We're on a break at the moment :) Good luck with yours!!