Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SWAP 2013 - The Winners are

"Blue Ribbon: Dilliander's  Falling for Autumn.

2nd place: HawkeMorningstar's Rustic Forest Safari.

3rd place: Sewruth's Hepburn collection.


We had a terrific group of collections this year, and everyone received at least one vote from someone.  Honorable mentions to Nancy, for her 2001's Linear Coordinates collection and Sharon for "Night and Day" as both nearly made it."

This is directly from the Stitcher's Guild announcement.


It was so hard to vote for 3 winners with such a diverse number of collections this year.

I was thrilled to receive an honorable mention alongside Nancy it was truly unexpected.

Thank you everyone for your encouragement and vote it is a great competition and I do enjoy taking part in such a great community full of friendly camaraderie and creativity that keep us all going along the way.

Here is my Night and Day collection.


Mary said...

Congratulations on your honorable mention! Your wardrobe is always an inspiration to me as I am petite also. I love the clean lines and lovely colors. The peplum blouse is especially nice on you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the honorable mention and on creating such a wonderful wardrobe. I am in such awe of you all who sew SWAPS. I have tried in the past, but never have fully completed one. I get distracted by the...squirrel!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Congrats on your honorable mention! You made an amazing wardrobe and I hope that you get a lot of wear from it!

BeaJay said...

I add my congrats for the Honourable mention. Your wardrobe is gorgeous and a great inspiration.

Sew Hopeful said...

Congratulations. I've really enjoyed seeing each piece appear as it was made and together it's a fantastic capsule wardrobe.

Faye Lewis said...

What a great collection!

Vicki said...

Congratulations! And you have made a very wearable wardrobe.

Audrey said...

Congratulations. Your SWAP collection is wonderful. I know how much planning and work goes into a SWAP.