Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chilly weather

Wow the temperature has dropped, and it is trying to rain, but I think this is forecast to clear.  Seeing I am heading out tonight after work I thought I had better be prepared for the cooler evening temperatures as well.

Top: Kwik Sew 3740 with the neckline raised in chartreuse/navy/grey knit (blogged here)
Trouser: Vogue 9537 in black wool (blogged here)
Jacket: Sewaholic Minoru in navy ripstop (blogged here)
Accessory: Me made Byzantine necklace with green pearls (blogged here) and purchased earrings
Hosiery/Nylons:Voodoo Night Shade
Shoes:  Black Joan & David Callalily Pumps

Now these are not the pants I have been working on, they are still under construction.

Some of you are having problems viewing my photos, not sure what is going on as it doesn't seem to be consistently across the board.


Linda said...

Nice top and pants. I am always surprised by the weather. Later this week it will be in the upper 70's to 80's here in Roanoke.

Carolyn said...

As stylish as always! I've never had any trouble viewing your photos :) We are getting a little welcome burst of warm and sunny weather now, yay!

becki-c said...

I love the colors in the top, well coordinated. Great fit on the pants too.

BeaJay said...

I love your outfit. Very stylish. And that coat is fantastic. I remember seeing it on you at the last NSW Industry day and thinking it was so good - how could a home sewer have done that - it looked so professional.