Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back to reality

I did have high hopes on starting the serious sewing for my cargo pants, then reality hit, the cupboards are pretty bare, so I went grocery shopping.

Top: Vogue 8151 in giraffe spotted knit (blogged here)
Jeans: 550 Levis.
Vest: Purchased Vest in 2009.
Accessory: Purchased belt and earrings.
Boots: Betts 2 Buckles.

When I got home, I changed into this to help DH in the back yard, where it was nice and warm (well 18c) and no wind. I did the weeding, whilst DH trimmed the hedge and those weeds next to my feet in the first photo are now gone.

Top: Vogue 8151 in grey rayon knit (blogged here)
Jeans: Old fraying 550 Levis.
Accessory: Purchased gardening gloves.
Shoes: Puma sneakers.

It wasn't until I wrote this post that it dawned on me that both tops are from the same pattern.

Roscoe was keen for a play and this is what I managed whilst mucking around with the camera, Frisbee action.


Handmade said...

Yay for Roscoe - yep it was day for outdoors - wonderful - looking forward to cargo pants update (no pressure)!

Carol said...

Wasn't it nice to have some sun this weekend? It was still 5C when I left for work this morning! Brave woman for taking on cargo pants!

Wanda said...

I just love reading your blog! Since I started following you at the beginning of the year, my own sewing output has greatly increased.

One of the fabric chain stores here in Canada is having a "Buy 1 metre, Get 2 metres" Sale this weekend. I bought some rayon knit to make a couple of wrap dresses and a piece of pink fabric to make a top to wear under a pink & navy spring-weight tweed jacket that I had made in China last year. I have some navy blue pants that I made from a pattern I drafted myself to complete the outfit. I hope to get the top done before the middle of July. Given that I am going to be in China again for work from June 23 - July 8, that is a fairly tight deadline.

Thank you for the inspiration. You are my muse!

Carolyn said...

I'm with you, sewing is so much more attractive an activity than grocery shopping...
Good luck with your cargo pants, which pattern are you using?
Oh, and such a great picture of your dog!