Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh no late for work!

This morning was a challenge as I was very conscious of not having the same look if I am sitting at my desk. So this has highlighted that I need to make more tops that will go with the Burgundy Leather Jacket or my Chanel Jacket when I am wearing my black trousers. Please don't suggest I get a black jacket, that colour is no good next to my face unless I want to be asked all day if I am feeling okay Facebook smileys.

So this morning was a challenge. I tried a number of tops and jackets and it was either too 80's (wide shoulder pads and before I knew about fit) or a huge contrast that I wasn't comfortable with.

So this is what I managed to put together this morning.

Trouser: Vogue 9537 (again) in a black medium weight wool made in 2008 which you saw on Day 8.
Jumper/Sweater: Red Wool Jumper purchased from Jigsaw which you saw on Day 10.
Cardigan: Me-Made knitted Shawl Collar Jacket in Touch Possum Yarn which you saw on Day 16.
Accessory: Purchased necklace during a visit to Fiji and earrings from Brisbane Airport.
Shoes: Black C21 Courtney

I did ask DH to take a photo of the back of the trousers, somehow he managed to get Roscoe right in the middle of the picture, not what I was wanting.


Jane said...

You always pull together outfits that look gorgeous.

Carolyn said...

I love the neutral colours with that little cheery touch of red showing

Ruthie said...

Echoing Jane, you always like like you, you always look pulled together, you have lovely outfits!