Monday, January 23, 2017

Coral necklace

There are a few coral outfits appearing in my wardrobe and I decided I needed a different style of necklace for them, so I headed back to Zilchbeads and found another inspiring spiral necklace using long Magatama 4x7mm beads, together with size 8 and 11 seed beads.

Photo from

The beads are quite cute, and I was told that one way they looked like a "boot" and the other way a "shoe" so when stringing you have to make sure that they are all facing the same way.  I chose the "shoe" orientation,

and I had fun making the earrings using both orientations,

and here is the full set!

They are getting quite a bit of wear this summer with my cold shoulder top and my watermelon frilled top.


Cherie said...

Great jewelry set to go with a new color in your wardrobe!

sewTreefrog said...

The look gorgeous. Perfect for your tops

Dilliander said...

Can see you getting a lot of wear from this lovely necklace. I always admire how you complete an outfit you've sewn by designing the perfect accessories. These beads are so unusual and so very pretty.

Irene said...

Beautiful! I should follow your example and make accessories to go with outfits. Seems that I completely forget about that aspect of "getting dressed".

harada57 said...
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