Sunday, June 19, 2016

Mint with choc chips Miette

I fell in love with Carolyn's Hunter Miette and had already downloaded the free downloadable pattern by Andi Satterland just waiting for its turn to be made.

It wasn't until January 2014 that I finally got around to purchasing the wonderful Morris Woollahra  wool in Celadon 1116 from Morris & Sons in York Street, Sydney.

At the same time I found Gail's wonderful Miette Knitalong posts.  This information is so detailed it let me knit my cardigan with a lot more confidence than if I had been doing it on my own, especially as I wanted to add length but working out the lace pattern by myself would have done my head in.

You can probably gather that I am not the fastest knitter, but the cardigan was up to taking the sleeves off (this is a top down cardigan) when we started our trip and by the time we got home I only had the button and neck band to do!  I am so thankful that you can take your knitting on the plane now, it does help with the long flights.

I knitted a size 38 and:
  • added an extra lace repeat in the length
  • didn't change down to a smaller needle for the bottom band
  • and also just knitted 2 pearl and 2 plain as I didn't want it to pull in too tight.
and you did see it being worn during Me Made May 2014, however when I saw the lace pattern at the centre front in this photo the decision to start again was made.

The other issue that you can't see in this photo is the bust shaping for the size 38 gave me a very a large curve of fabric off to the side when I left the cardigan open, not a look that I wanted.

The one positive was that I love the buttons that I purchased from All Buttons Great and Small at Newton on the way home from work one Thursday night!

So I have been slowly re-knitting this cardigan starting with a size 36 this time and again added the 2 lace repeats in the length.

I thought I had finished it, and did wear it for Me Made May 2015 but again made the decision that long sleeves where necessary.  This wool is too warm to wear in summer and the rest of the year I want my arms covered.

29 May 2015
This is why I made my Me Made May 2016 Challenge about lengthening the sleeves so I could finally get to wear this cardigan in comfort in winter.

So here is my mint with choc chips Miette with long sleeves.

This is a snug fitting cardigan but that is the way is has been drafted.


Irene said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! Oh how I wish that I could knit.

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

I am not a knitter but this is lovely. You must have so much patience to go back and redo all that work too. Excellent result!

Linda said...

Lovely creation! I am not a knitter and admire those who can knit such fabulous garments.

Sarah Liz said...

What perseverence - but then, yarn from Morris is beautiful and not cheap, so well worth it. The cardigan really is nicer with long sleeves - it somehow looks right. The shorter sleeves just looked too short - not what you would expect. So certainly the right decision. I hope you enjoy wearing it now.

Anonymous said...

That yarn is beautiful and it really was third time lucky - your Miette is perfect!

Lightning McStitch said...

Wow, you really pulled the whole thing apart and started over?! I take my hat off to you, that's serious dedication to getting it right. And, of course, you were right to do it as it now looks perfect!

Andrea F said...

I'm so glad that you finally finished your alterations to the cardigan. I agree totally, the sleeves need to be full length on this cardigan. I have made two and they tend to be rather warm, and if the sleeves aren't long enough, your arms freeze!

Dilliander said...

Really lovely!! So worthy of your attention to fit and detail. Now you can enjoy wearing it :)

L said...

I truly admire those who can knit. Your cardigan is simply lovely.

Diana said...

What a perfect colour for you Sharon and a great cardi too! It's seems so funny to me here in Canada , finally experiencing hot summer weather, to read about you making things for winter!!! What an interesting planet we live on ,Lol.