Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hitchhiker by Martina Behm

Remember the wool I purchased at Puyallup?

It was 2 skeins of Fancy Image Hand-dyed Yarn with the name of Tiger.

At the same time I also purchased the pattern Hitchhiker by Martina Behm that looks amazing in the variegated wool above.

I wanted to keep practising my Continental knitting so I thought this shawlette would be the perfect project to keep me busy whilst we were travelling.

I had only taken 2 pairs of interchangeable knitting needles with me and the smaller of these were 4.5mm and the pattern did call for 3mm.  As I didn't want to purchase any more interchangeable knitting needles (as I had the full set at home), it did mean that I probably wouldn't get the 42 teeth although this is not critical to the finished shawlette.

So by the time we left Puyallup I had the first 8 rows knitted and was then happy to continue knitting on our road trip north to Canada.

This is a very clever pattern, you start with 2 stitches and there are only 8 rows to the pattern, so once you get into a rhythm, it is easy to pick up and put down.

I had knitted 14 points before we got on the plane to come home.

I continued to knit this on our flights home and quite a few hours snatched here and there when we got home to finish this shawlette.

I am very happy that I did manage to get 38 teeth for my Hitchhiker shawlette

This is the best colour of the shawlette

and have this tiny amount of wool left over!

I am still sewing and the jacket is coming along slowly!


Dilliander said...

Wow, this looks fabulous! The variegated yarn knits up beautifully, great pattern and such a lovely souvenir from your trip to Puyallup

JanQ said...

love this it looks terific on too.

Gabrielle said...

It looks gorgeous - and what a small amount of wool to have left over; you must have judged it perfectly! said...

What a lovely little shawlette - nice to wear to keep the neck warm in winter, especially when sewing or using a computer - warm neck and shoulders means less cold, stiff, achey muscles that don't want to sew or type!

Irene said...


BeaJay said...

Gorgeous and just what is needed to keep the neck warm in this cold weather. Love the wool. Great job.

Carolyn said...

Oh, this is beautiful! I love how the variegated yarn turned out it actually reminds me of cookies and cream ice-cream, which is a very good thing! And you had the perfect amount of yarn!!

Anonymous said...

I adore this colour way, and it is so "you"!!

crgalvin said...

Hi there, have just found your lovely blog and am enjoying reading a variety of past posts. I notice none of the links to the Indexes to Australian Stitches magazines now work. Do you have them housed anywhere else? They would be very useful. Thank you.

Diana said...

This is lovely Sharon. It mskes me want to refresh my almost non existing knitting skills, Lol.