Sunday, June 5, 2016

Me Made May 2016 - It's a wrap

This May has been rather challenging for my wardrobe as the first 3 weeks were a lot warmer than usual and this is where I realised again that I need cardigans as the two I have were in high rotation.

This year I decided not to clutter up my blog with daily or weekly posts and the collage below is what I have worn during May.  This link will take you to my Flicker Album if you would like to see any of my outfits in more detail.

I know I don't want a large wardrobe, so I am quite happy to see most of my garments being worn multiple times, my biggest challenge is to make the outfits look different when I am sitting at my desk at work.

There are still holes in my wardrobe and this is what I need to make:

  • I still need layers in my wardrobe and even though this comes to light every May I haven't managed to rectify this.
  • I only have 1 plain long sleeved top and this made it difficult to wear a couple of other items in my wardrobe when the weather finally got cooler.
  • Some more necklaces.

So how did I go with my challenges for May 2016?

"I, Sharon from Petite & Sewing, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '16;I will wear handmade clothing (except lingerie) for the duration of May.  My challenge is to finish the Burda wool jacket I started in January this year as well as lengthening the 3/4 sleeves on my Miette cardigan."

Not 100% finished but both garments are looking like they will be worn this Winter so that is a plus and it means two more layers added to the wardrobe!
  • Burda 7286 has the hems, pick the buttons and buttonholes left to do.
  • My Miette has one long sleeve and the other one is halfway there.
I really liked seeing the variety in the MeMadeMay2016 Flicker group and there are a few things now on my wish list and that includes some cardigans!


Sarah Liz said...

I quite agree, a wearable capsule wardrobe with just enough variety is all anyone needs - otherwise choices just become overwhelming. Looks like you need to make a few tops for work as these are what will be seen most. No-one will notice the same bottoms.

Vicki said...

Layers are what we need at this time of year for sure. You did well though to get through the month with only me mades. Well done.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed seeing all your outfits Sharon so thank you for posting. I agree about layers, they are so useful as the weather gets cooler.

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

Always looking coordinated and stylish Sharon. You clearly know what suits you and this is reflected in your wardrobe.

Carolyn said...

You always look so well for-ordinated and stylish Sharon, thank you for sharing our outfits again. I always like seeing my own favourites of yours crop up again like your brown skirt and the blue one too, it's not a bad thing but a very good thing indeed to have repeats during the month! shows how wearable everything is :)