Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spinach necklace

I have been reviewing my jewellery compared to my garments and realised that I didn't have a long green necklace.

So during the long weekend I spent some time beading, again using one of the Jesse James Beads bead strands that I have purchased from Spotlight.

This bead strand is called "Spinach 1" and I forgot to take a photo but this is what the current "Spinach 1" looks like at

I decided to try my hand again at Byzantine chains which I haven't done since April 2012.

The good thing is that this necklace will work with all lot of garments in my wardrobe.

When I purchased the "Spinach 1" bead set I also purchased a pack of the same Inspiration Mix,

which included among them the two brown beads I used for the earrings.

There are a couple more necklaces I need for my wardrobe so now I need to find some more time to bead.


L said...

Very nice Sharon! I love the color combos and see how they will work well with your wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

So impressive. I can imagine these with your entire wardrobe!

SewRuthie said...

Great necklace and earrings!

Jan Q said...

Lovely looking necklace and earrings.
Very pretty

kbenco said...

You are so beautifully organised. I am very impressed that you make your own jewellery to co-ordinate with your wardrobe.

Sarah Liz said...

This green selection is very pretty. Looking forward to seeing your makes.

Becky said...

Very nice! You keep tempting me to go down the jewelry making rabbit hole.

Gail said...

Interesting pieces. I will never attempt jewellery making having seen two sewing friends sucked into the jewellery making vortex. One has her own kiln and a stall at Rocks Market now!

BeaJay said...

It is so cool that you make such lovely jewelry. I must try this one day. Love the colours in those beads.