Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pale pink pearls

I found this necklace this week whilst trying to work out what to accessorise this dress with, and then realised I hadn't blogged about it before.

This was made during one of my many workshops with Sharon from Goddess of Beading, it is a delicate choker as it sits right at the base of my neck.

I used grey seed beads and some small pink pearls and with some clever stringing through the pearls I have created a multistrand necklace.

It works perfectly with a high closed neckline like my shirtmaker, but I am not sure if I will get to wear it with much else as most of my other necklines are rather open.


Irene said...

Oh, how pretty!

K Lipin said...

What an elegant, yet simple necklace! You may have inspired me to replicate it.

Vicki said...

Very pretty! Perhaps it would work with another necklace (i.e. wear two) for open neck tops?

BeaJay said...

That is so pretty. Love the colour. I just found a necklace I love and it is $170. Must learn how to do this. Your jewellery is always gorgeous.

Sarah Liz said...

Very pretty - and maybe it will be so enjoyable to wear when you do have the chance, as it will always be worn infrequently (at the moment, anyway).