Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A week of Couture and a travel wardrobe

On Friday 10 April my sewing friend Sandra and I drove to Armidale for a week to attend a hands-on workshop with Claire Shaeffer as our instructor.

This was all organised by Rita who owns Fabric Fair in Armidale and Rita had organised two workshops during a 2 week period.

Sandra and I had chosen to attend the 2nd week which was the Chanel Jacket Workshop.

There were 14 of us in the class from all over the east coast of Australia.  The group got on sew so well and it just amazes me how sewers bond and friendships blossom.

Rita had organised a kit for each of us which contained a pattern, fabric and all the notions to make half a jacket in a very small size.

We first focused on the sleeve as this piece lets you learn all the techniques you need to make the entire jacket, except for the chain for the jacket hem.

After two days we had a wonderful range of 14 different sleeve trims to admire.

and by the last day we had this half jacket to keep as our reference.

I was already an owner of Claire's book and she has kindly signed it for me.

Claire also had with her quite a number of original Chanel garments for us to view and inspect (with gloves on) it was amazing to see how Chanel create the jackets, top and skirts - cutting fabric apart and then resewing it together to get the look they are after was the one that intrigued me the most.

It was a truly memorable week, Claire as a teacher was amazing and the other attendees made the week a wonderful experience and Rita for her hospitality and organising this fantastic opportunity for us Down Under.

Now I have some great ideas for my tweed I purchased from Linton last year, just need to find the time!

Travel Wardrobe

I am so used to packing light to travel I did for this trip as well, except for 2 pairs of boots just in case it got cold and we were travelling in a car.

Time Away:
8 days

Where to:
Armidale, New South Wales, Australia

Officially the start of Autumn and Rita had let us know that the first frosts for the season had been on the ground the week before we were due to arrive.  The temperature range was from 9 to 26, with the mornings and evenings being rather brisk, but the middle of the day was quite warm.

Expected Activities:
For the majority of the time sitting in a class room as well as checking out Rita's fabric store and going out to dinner a couple of nights.

Colour Scheme:

What I packed:
(each garment is linked to its original construction post - top to bottom, left to right)

Taupe loafers
Black boots
Brown boots
Black loafers

and I forget to add to the photo my brown mercury jersey cardigan using Simplicity 2603.

This wardrobe worked out really well, all the tops went with the bottoms, my layering pieces worked with everything.  I did have to do a wash during the week but this is something I do on every trip so it wasn't a bother.

I did take a selection of jewellery and I think this changed the look of some of the outfits.

Now it is time to confess, during out visit to Rita's fabric store, this is what followed me home, some gorgeous lightweight "Merino State" Silk Jersey called Cayenne!

2015 Stash out:  5.85m
2015 Stash in:   15.0m


Alison said...

I always enjoy your wardrobe posts and this one is no exception. You never mentioned the silk jersey before. Looks gorgeous!

Elizabeth Made This said...

What a wonderful opportunity to learn from Claire Schaeffer, and such beautiful sleeves! I love seeing your color palette realized in your clothing!

Becky said...

I am green with envy! Sounds like it was a wonderful experience. I love that Cayenne fabric.

Vicki said...

Goodness, how was Claire Shaeffer in the country without me knowing about it? Lucky you. What a great experience!

thornberry said...

Oh, how incredibly wonderful! The class sounds absolutely superb. I didn't know that Claire Shaeffer was in Oz either! An opportunity missed. Love the photo of all the sleeves.

BeaJay said...

Gorgeous half a jacket. How wonderful to have a whole travel wardrobe that you made so beautifully.

Bunny said...

Claire is an incredible teacher and IMO her knowledge of couture i s unrivaled. I am so glad you had this opportunity. I still have fond memories of my class last year.

Unknown said...

Love reading your posts! I am soooo envious that you got the opportunity to attend Claire Schaeffer's class on 'Jackets'. That would have been my pick too.
If only I didn't live so far away!!!
Keep up the good work.

Sue said...

What a great opportunity. Love your super well coordinated travel wardrobe and I look forward to seeing what you make of that gorgeous silk jersey! (another piece which will coordinate with everything!) said...

What a lovely opportunity for you - I am sure you enjoyed this class and the company very much. I do so admire your very well put together wardrobe.

KathyS said...

How wonderful to have a class with Claire Schaeffer. I love your travel wardrobe and am trying desperately to take lessons from your beautifully coordinated wardrobe.

AllisonC said...

Sounds like a great time. Packing must be so easy for you, definitely one area where sewing with a plan pays off!

katherine h said...

What a wonderful opportunity! Now you will have to show off what you learned by making that Chanel jacket for us all to admire.