Thursday, December 5, 2013

November garment of the month - finished!

I did it, a bit late posting, however Vogue 8572 (OOP) has been made up using the damask fabric.

This fabric is a lot thicker than my previous versions and it shows a completely different type of fit which is interesting to me.

For this version:

  • I moved the bust dart down 3cm, and I can't make up my mind if it is too much or not, and
  • Piped the neckline and sleeve hems

The sleeves in this thicker fabric did cause me a lot of thought and fitting.  There is a fold of fabric at the back of my sleeve above and then when you look at the back view below, there seems to be excessive fabric all through the back and something funny is going on with the right sleeve.

Even with this being not as perfect as I would like, it is definitely wearable and will be a good staple in my wardrobe.

Stash Out:   26.35 m
Stash In:     24.3 m


Juliet said...

I agree with you about the fit in the back being slightly less than perfect (like most people wearing store bought clothes!) but it is such a beautiful blouse that I wouldn't let it worry you. The fabric looks really elegant and the front darts flatter your small bust.
Well done!

BeaJay said...

I love your top - the piping I gorgeous. I think we all get a bit overly critical of self sewn clothes. Fit looks fine to me.

Carolyn said...

It looks really nice, and is sure to be a terrifically useful basic that you'll wear over and over and over :)

Alison said...

I think the top looks quite elegant!

As a person who sews I can see the areas that you are concerned about, (now that you have pointed them out) - I suspect that other folks will not notice them at all.

In the side view it looks to me as if you might have lowered the side bust dart just a smidgen too much, maybe 2cm rather than 3 would be ideal? but that is a very subtle difference, perhaps to try on another top... I have no useful hints of the back, fitting the backs of things is my nemesis said...

Hello Sharon- I think the top looks lovely - very wearable as you say, and with such a lovely fabric no-one will notice the fit imperfections - only sewers analyse their own work! You are probably right about the darts. The back is a bit full - but if this is an everyday wearable, then at least you can move. I've just published another November finisher's post, so I will post you tomorrow :). Congrats on finishing.

Vicki said...

Lovely top. To me the side darts are a couple of cms too low. Looks ok but i'd have the darts level with the middle of the bust to give a more perky appearance. (oops, not that you are not perky, but ykwim?)

Kristy Chan said...

I quite like this top in the thicker fabric, very nice. I think the back is a bit too wide though, and the thicker fabric is making it puff out a bit, but it's not too bad - as Juliet said it's just like RTW!

Dilliander said...

Lovely Sharon. This style really suits you and will be so useful and versatile.

Sue said...

A really lovely and versatile wardrobe piece. I also find it very interesting to see how different fabrics can behave quite differently in the same pattern.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Love your top.. The piping in the sleeves is really pretty. Happy sewing.

Karen Pior said...

Is it a female trait to tell all a out what we think are our faults? When i worked in the patchwork shop women would bring in beautiful, intricate quilts and be sure to point out the one or two tiny flaws!! I think this blouse is lovely and suits you very much. I would have never thought about using damask for clothing. I love blogland for this reason - new ideas to incorporate into my repetoire! Cheers, Karen