Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New necklaces

The Spotlight store I visit at Lidcombe is a large store and has a great variety of beads.  It was here that I found the JesseJamesBeads Inspiration Panels and Design Elements that I am starting to get a collection of as they provide you with a mix of beads that are colour coordinated which is the hardest part I find to do.

Then with some jump rings I made some Double-Sprial Chain Maille, added a bit of chain and I have two new necklaces.

You have seen this one a number of times

and this one has navy beads that have a touch of green to them.

I really enjoy wearing these pieces and now need to make some earrings to go with both!


BeaJay said...

What lovely necklaces. Both are gorgeous. I keep promising myself I will learn how to do this and your necklaces have reminded me. Lovely.

Linda T said...

Pretty! I've dabbled in some jewelry, but nothing real serious (yet) as I'm afraid I'll be building a whole new stash of something!

Karen Pior said...

I love them both but especially the blue - I can see it co-ordinating with many things in my wardrobe!! Cheers, Karen said...

These are both beautiful necklaces Sharon. I'm going to have to follow your example one day - it is impossible to find nice necklaces for ladies of a certain age that don't look cheap. And how wonderful to be able to match the colours in the beads to your own colouring.

Janine said...

Sharon you are a lady of many talents. My eldest daughter loves beading and has a natural eye for colours and design so I have scored a few lovely pieces using glass and semi precious stones . I want to thank you again for posting the details of your brown lace top. I am about to embark sewing some ombré lace bought in Paris this year for my youngest and am quite nervous about it!

Therese said...

Sharon not only are you a very good seamstress but you also make lovely necklaces! Well done!
Thats something else I have is in my
list to do/learn

Vicki said...

They're lovely! I have often thought it would be fun to make some jewellery. Perhaps I had better put that on my bucket list for 2014.