Monday, June 6, 2011

MMJ Day 6

Well it is back to work after a very sewing based weekend.

My office is in a heritage building so there is no air conditioning and the only heating we have is gas heaters that take up to 3 days to heat up the sandstone so my usual outfit for Monday at least is trousers.

What no trousers available, um how am I going to keep warm. Out to the back room and raided the ski bag and pulled out my thermals leggings. These are under the black tights and I have been very comfortable all day.

Top: Diana Ferrari burgundy top purchased in 2009
Skirt: McCall's 7244 in a grey wool flannel made in 2007
Jacket/Cardigan: Purchased Burgundy leather jacket
Accessory: Me-Made jewellery
Boots: Nine West


Handmade said...

I can't keep up! WOW - a blog frenzy! Cute outfit - poor you working in a cold building - sounds chilly! Anyway, you're smokin' hot in this pic!

velosewer said...

You look great. Love this outfit.

Carol said...

This is such a great outfit. Simple, stylish, funky and professional all at once.

Gail said...

Sharon, You should keep adding burgundy to your wardrobe. It is your colour.

shams said...

You do look great! You look chic and I'm glad to hear you're warm too. :)

a little sewing said...

That is one fantastic outfit.