Thursday, June 2, 2011

MMJ Day 2

There are some amazing members in the Me-Made-June Flicker Group who I'm sure will give me plenty of inspiration for future sewing, I have already noted one pattern for purchase

So here is my outfit for Day 2 and I have managed 2 self-stitched pieces today:

Blouse/Top: Butterick 3344 (Blogged here)
Skirt: Vogue 7937 View C, made 2006
Boots: Nine West, purchased in the USA
Accessory: Flat white by DH

Here is the back view, so you can see the pleats which is the main feature of this skirt (and I stood still so a pat is expected).

Maybe I should find where I have put the Shawl Collar jacket that is 3/4 made and finish it as it matches this skirt and the pants that I showed you yesterday.


Sew-4-Fun said...

Nice Sharon. I like outfits with back interest.

Alison said...

Nice boots Sharon (insert envy icon here). Laughed out loud re the accessory!

MareeAlison said...

Sharon - I like your outfit. The pleats in the skirt are great as is your dog!!!

velosewer said...

Love the skirt detailing. Roscoe is such a good boy.

Carolyn said...

Those pleats are a really nice detail. I like how they've been highlighted, with just a bit of stitching, to show them off.

Handmade said...

Lovely skirt detail - and I hope Roscoe makes it into more photos!