Sunday, March 4, 2018

Garnet Finlayson

I've been sewing for Mark again for our 15th Wedding Anniversary back in 2016 and it has taken me quite a while to get some photos of this garment even though it is worn quite a lot.

Some of the choices from Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gifts suggested Glass, Watches, Ruby, Alexandrite and Rhodite Garnet.

I then remembered I had been given some Sweater Knit from Knitwit by Alison's mother about 10 years ago that I had earmarked for a smarter sweatshirt style that Mark had been wearing for years that were starting to show their age.

So I headed to Thread Theory and purchased the Finlayson Sweater PDF as I planned to sew this during our Sewing Weekend in Brisbane as Mark was going to be away for our wedding anniversary. However his plans changed so I suddenly had to get this made.

Working from his much loved sweater I cut a large and added 7.5cm in length as I wasn't going to add the bands.

From my bag stash fabric I found some black twill that I used for the back neck facing.

and used my Duckbill scissors to trim the bulk from the collar which I also understitched.

This pattern went together very well and when I had the sleeves in I decided to compare it to his much loved sweater and realised it was going to be too large in the sleeves and also thought I'd take some extra width from the side seams as well.

The solid line is my stitching line and the dashed is the cutting line.

The final steps were to add some black twill tape to the neckline and to do the hems on my Coverstitch.

Mark has said that it is a different neckline but he seems to be quite comfortable with it as it got a lot of wear during Winter.

This is the only photo I have got of the back view, which shows how much fullness there is in the body,

mucking around with Roscoe
so I will compare this to the Medium to see how much difference there is for the next version.

2017 Stash Out: 21.9 m
2017 Stash In:  14.6 m


Cindy said...

Great sweater. That's something my DH would love.

Jan Q said...

Really like the sweater. Great neckline. I have added it to my ever growing list.

poppykettle said...

It looks great at the front - and the colour really suits him! But yes, there is quite a bit of fabric out the back... I do like the rolled effect of the neckline.

Dilliander said...

Lucky Mark! Happy anniversary to you both.

Anonymous said...

This is such a lovely sweatshirt. Happy wedding anniversary! I'm sure he was thrilled with his gift.

Lightning McStitch said...

Love this Sharon. I have this pattern but have never yet made it. Your version is super and what a good looking bloke you have. happy anniversary

Alison said...

He doesn't look very happy! LOL.

RIP Roscoe. :(