Sunday, February 25, 2018

T-Shirt with a Twist

This is a top that I finished in October last year and it has been worn quite a lot during the warmer months.

This is the result of the sew-along with the Australian Sewing Guild, T-Shirt with a Twist which was for ASG Members only back in May last year, but as we were experiencing Winter at that time, I decided to make it a summer top and leave it for a few more months.

I used KS 3740 as my base pattern and followed the instructions, but this is where I ran into trouble, 45 degree angles can be found both on the short length and long length of the quilting ruler I used, and I managed to use the wrong one.

Thankfully I made this at my ASG Sewing Guild Group at The Remnant Warehouse and Alison was very helpful in setting me in the right direction and also guiding all of the overs/unders for the lattice stripes.

Here are the lattice pieces in place.

Now this then leaves you a gap in the back neckline, so I used some Solvy  to create a false back neckline so I could used the B Binder on my Coverstitch to finish the back neckline

and continue around the plain front neckline.

Then at another ASG meeting another sewing friend, Wendy, kindly pinned the back hem for me,

which I finished with my Coverstitch.

I like that this top is plain in the front so I can wear a number of different necklaces with it,

and then there is all the fun in the back.

2017 Stash Out: 21.9
2017 Stash In: 14.6 m


katherine h said...

Cute detail!

sdBev said...

Great tip on the neckline!

Sarah Liz said...

My goodness, what a lovely back. Well worth the effort.

AllisonC said...

Gorgeous detail, I love it. Also those close up photos of the binder attachment on your coverstitch (I don't have one...yet!) are fascinating!

Jan Q said...

What a great idea and a cute looking top

Vicki said...

Nice detail!

sewTreefrog said...
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sewTreefrog said...

Fantastic. The back is so creative. (Apologies for the deleted comment. For some reason only half the comment posted)

Sigrid said...

Fantastic detail. Love it.

Kristy Chan said...

Looks great Sharon, your binding is very professional!

Lightning McStitch said...

What fun! It's like t-shirt macrame.