Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Activewear - Sports Top

Now for the 4th piece in my Activewear Mini Wardrobe.

Back in December, Sandra (Dilliander) one of my sewing buddies introduced a few of us to the Lekala Patterns as she had their Sports Vest with her at our sewing day and was very kind in letting quite a few of us try it on.

The interesting thing about these patterns is that you input your own measurements into the order form and for $2.50 + 50c for the addition of seam allowances you have a pattern that uses your measurements, even some of your basic adjustments i.e. high waist can be specified.

Needless to say that I soon visited the site and downloaded my own Sports Vest to see how it compared to the BWOF or even the Big 4 patterns.

Again, it is another downloadable pattern.  Once I had taped it together and traced off the pattern I did do my standard sway back adjustment.

The fabric for this top is again a combination of the brown Stella Cotton Elastomeric from Standard Knits that I have used for the other pieces for the main front and back panels and the navy Supplex that Sandra and I purchased from Metro Fabrics earlier this year for the side panels and the two yoke pieces.  I have again used the leftover fabric from this top for the neck and armhole bindings.

I had fun again with my Coverstitch Machine:

*  Used the knitbinder to attach the neckline and armhole bindings.

* Put the variegated thread in the looper for the two princess seams.
* Back to brown thread in the looper for the reminder of the hem.

and now some more yoga

I am very happy with how this pattern has turned out, it is hard to tell in most of the above photos, but the top one does show the fit and maybe a small FBA will get rid of those wrinkles, but pretty good straight off the PC.

Today's photo shoot had hubby cut my legs of for most of the photos, so back to the drawing board and the digital remote tomorrow for the final garment.

2014 Stash Out: 22.2 m
2014 Stash In: 45.75 m


Anonymous said...

Great yoga clothes. Your comments about your husband's photo skills make me laugh. Mine always seems to get me blinking or with something in the background looking like it's growing out of my head.

Sarah Liz said...

Great top - I have yet to make up a Lekala pattern, but yours looks good. What a great collection you have made - it's certainly kept you busy over the last few weeks :)

BeaJay said...

Very nice. You now have a wonderful set of clothes to do your yoga to. Love the seams and the contrasting panels.

Gabrielle said...

It looks great - that's a pretty good fit without adjustment.

I have problems when my partner takes the photos too - I do find it easier all round just to get out the remote.

Dilliander said...

Your whole activewear wardrobe is coming together beautifully, almost too nice to get sweaty in LOL.