Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Activewear - Gym shorts

Here is my 3rd piece for the Activewear Mini Wardrobe, and it is my second pattern from Fehr Trade the  Duathlon shorts

The pattern includes the booty short, biker or capri length and the capri is the type of short that I prefer to work out in, although this winter weather is making me wonder if I should also get the PB Jam Leggings but I will see how I survive for a while first.

These are also made out of the same brown Stella Cotton Elastomeric as my Yoga Pants and I have used some leftovers of this top for the side pockets.

I cut out a size XXS as per my measurements, again scooped the crotch curve lower and after reading a number of reviews I also straightened the hip curve.

Because of the patterned side panel, I only used the brown thread for the cover stitching on all the seams.

The pockets look so tiny, however my iPhone 5 fits very snuggly in there.

How did that speck of grass get there!
Now for some action shots:

For once hubby didn't cut my head off :)

I am very happy to report that I have finished the sewing of the 5 pieces, so I will be back again tomorrow with the 4th garment.

2014 Stash Out: 21.5 m
2014 Stash In: 45.75 m


Rhonda Buss said...

Wow, these are great!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the action shots! Looking forward to being able to sew my own gym wear, it's so expensive in the shops. The brown you've used makes a lovely change from the usual black and pink :-)

BeaJay said...

Great exercise gear. Love to see the happy smiling whilst exercising. Unheard of in BeaJay land. Great pics.

Carolyn said...

These pieces all look really fantastic! I really like the different colours together and it all looks beautifully made. And you in them look pretty fabulous too!

yoshimi said...

These are great! The pocket looks really useful and also very fashionable. I love your action photos too :)

Sue said...

Fabulous pants and they obviously work for working out! :)

Gail said...

Well done. You look like your serious about getting to the gym!

becki-c said...

Those look awesome! You are building a whole new wardrobe. Where do you find such great work out fabrics?
You are so skinny and fit, now I know ow you do it.

Alison said...

All your pieces are fabulous Sharon. An unusual mini wardrobe that should garner lots of votes!