Sunday, September 23, 2018

V8648 - The Finished Couture Dress

At last the couture dress is finished, well I should say it was pretty much finished when I last posted during MMMay 2017 as it was worn to Government House on the 5th of May for an Investiture Ceremony as my husband was part of a group reciving a Group Bravery Citation for a resuce they assisted with in Japan in 2007

I realised that my in my haste to finalise the dress to wear to Government House, the zip was not as nice as I would have liked it and when your husband says he can see the zip you know it must be obvious.

So unpicking of the pick stitching of the zip happened as well as the lining being undone so it felt like it was going a long way back to get the zip back in,

and the lining, which is sewn in sections e.g. skirt, bodice and midriff.

The final step was to do a rolled hem for the silk lining,

adding some lace to finish it off.

With the wide neckline I also decided to add some thread bars to attach the dress to my bra to stop any chance of it slipping off my shoulders.

I found it interesting that once the dress was finished I wasn't keen to wear it, it didn't feel right.  So I took it along to one of my ASG Groups and asked my sewing friends what was wrong, the length, the sleeves or what?  The unamious decision was that the sleeves were too long so they were shortened by 2.5" (nearly 6cm).

Since then the dress has been worn a number of times and I love the new coral/red accessories I now have to wear with it.

So here are some more photos of the dress after being worn all day at the office.

Unfortunately the jacket hasn't progessed much further as my sewing time at present is on curtains for the house now that we have a new colour scheme and is also why there is a lot more knitting appearing.


Deborah Ritchie said...

Shortening of the sleeves made a beautiful look fabulous!

Vancouver Barbara said...

You look beautiful and elegant. Wearing couture for every day – Wow! Bravo to your husband and the other rescuers. That's quite a story.

Beth (SunnyGal Studio) said...

fabulous, love that neckline.

Carol in Denver said...

Your dedication to perfection in your dress is inspiring. I especially like the new sleeve length. And please give your husband a squeeze on the shoulder and a "well done!" for me. It is so moving to read about good people responding bravely.

Faye Lewis said...

Very pretty!

Fadanista said...

I love your dress and it goes brilliantly with your shoes and new coral coloured necklace. The fit is exquisite Sharon!

Lightning McStitch said...

Superb Sharon. The shorter sleeve length was a stroke of genius. Suddenly it all looks so perfectly balanced. And those shoes! Love!!

Therese said...

Looks very glamorous! well done (again)!
I know the feeling about something just not feeling right, looks so much better with the shortened sleeves.

Sigrid said...

What a difference a few centimeters can make. It looks wonderful and lovely you feel more comfortable wearing it now.