Sunday, October 16, 2016

Handbag Contest on Pattern Review

At last I have managed to enter a contest this year!

Over at Pattern Review there has been a Handbag Contest going on from 15 September to 15 October 2016.

Sharon's Take Off Tote
Now I have had my eye on the Take Off Tote from Dog Under My Desk for quite a while now and this was the perfect opportunity to get this made.

I purchased:

When I started to think about the Take Off Tote I realised I wanted it to have a few modifications like the tote I have been using but found it was not that travel friendly as I couldn't put it over my luggage handle.

Again Alison showed me her copy of the The Better Bag Maker: An Illustrated Handbook Design Techniques, Tips and Tricks by Nicole Mallelieu and I then purchased the Kindle version for my iPad.

The pattern changes I wanted to make were:

*  The top zipper now hangs over each end of the bag using the zipper instructions for the Avignon Traveller (location 2715).   The zips are from ByAnnie, and are the Zippers by the Yard, which I purchased when I went to Puyallup in February 2016 and I was able to make the top zip double ended.

*  Added a zippered pocket on the inside using the Basic Zippered Pocket instructions (location 579 in Pockets).

*  Added purse feet to the base of the bag using the Structured External Base with Purse Feet instructions (location 1041 in Bases).  For the base I used a thin chopping board.

The whole bag and lining are fused with the SF101 and I saved a lot of time doing this with my Elna Press

When it came to the inside slip pocket I decided to divide the open pocket into three for my sunglasses case, Boise earphones and mobile phone.

The back of the bag has a fabulous sleeve that slips over the handles of your suitcase. Alternatively you can make it into another pocket.

I also shortened the strap length by 5cm, as most bags tend to drag on the ground and this is a much better length for me.

I took it away for the weekend and was pleasantly surprised at what I could fit into this bag.

Now there is enough fabric for another bag, but it could be a while before you see that one.

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SewRuthie said...

Great bag, love the practical little additions.

Accordion3 said...

Lovely colours with exquisite stitching - did you like the pattern/ instructions? Have you made any of the other DUMD bags?

Valerie said...

Great bag and thank you for sharing all the hints. The luggage strap is a good one! Good luck with the contest.

Lightning McStitch said...

That's the real thing alright! The chopping board idea is genius.

Vicki said...

Nice! Lots of useful details. Good luck with the competition.

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

Beautiful and very practical too. Love the colours. said...

A nice bag - and to custom size it so it works for you is a great idea. I'm glad you have found some time to do a little sewing.

Andrea F said...

I love all your little changes. Isn't it great to make a bag that suits your lifestyle? Great job.

Carolyn said...

that's a very nice bag! I really like the little inner pocket, so useful and very cute too :) In reply to your queries about the tosti and the kelly sleeve caps; honestly both require just a little easing but not a lot. I think they are much of a much in that respect. The kelly has a two piece sleeve with a cuff and is unlined and is allover a much simpler design; the tosti is fully lined, a one-piece sleeve, with lots of pocket variations, has more features and is overall a much more complex thing to sew. It really depends what you are looking for in your planned coat Please let me know if you have any further questions about comparing the two patterns :).

AllisonC said...

Gorgeous fabric - I love the sleeve that lets you slot it over your luggage handle, brilliant.