Sunday, September 7, 2014

Building a Wardbrobe from Scratch - Part 2

It was interesting to note that at the end of Step 7 where I left you last that if all the garments were made I could have at least 2 weeks of outfits without repeating a combination!

Step 8 is adding 2 tops and a necklace and this is where we can bring in a patterned fabric. Again these items are already in my wardrobe, my yellow peplum top, the Blue and Gold swirls t-shirt and the navy necklace

Step 9 adds three pieces, a skirt, top and shoes, and these three pieces already live in my wardrobe.  My suede skirt, the navy/gold/brown silk blouse and another pair of Circa Joan & David sling-backs in brown.

Step 10 is the addition of a casual jacket, t-shirt or blouse and casual shoes. This time I have added my Minoru jacket, blue/brown/green boatneck top and I will have to go shopping for some casual brown shoes.

Step 11 is where we add a complete outfit for balance and accent, so I have chosen to add my Brown denim skirt and brown waterfall cardigan that are already in my wardrobe.  The coral blouse is one to make and I have just ordered the perfect fabric.

Step 12 is adding a winter coat, boots and a scarf.  Can aubergine be a colour of coral?  I have the perfect fabric for a winter coat and do have the pattern ready to go!  I know I don't want a brown or navy coat but coral or yellow is taking a bit too wild for me.  I have the boots but will also need to knit the scarf/cowl.

Step 13 is all about more accessories and Janice does suggest a bracelet and brooch. I am not a bracelet person, I wear the gold chain bracelet that was in the first round of accessories all the time.  I do have some brooches and do dig them out every now and again.  I could also do with an evening bag so I have included this in this round.  The necklaces and earrings are already in my jewellery box - Smokey quartz necklace and earrings  , Brown beads with some double spiral chain maille, Blue,Grey rope and earrings

There are a lot of garments and accessories in the group above and there are still a few steps left to add.  I have been surprised at how much of this is in my wardrobe already.

Following Alexandra's idea I have also decided to keep a separate list of garments that I need to sew, knit or purchase and this is what it looks like so far.

Has anyone else got this far along with their planning, please share in the comments.


sewing spots said...

Thanks for posting! I have sent links to these posts to oldest dd for her professional wardrobe planning. She needs to do that.

kbenco said...

It is so interesting seeing how your terrifically coordinated wardrobe can be fitted to Vivienne's plan.

Sarah Liz said...

I'm in awe :) . All that hard work you have done over the years is paying off !

elleR said...

Go for the aubergine/coral coat! Winter is always so drab weather wise, a brighter coloured coat is such a lift from the rain and cold!

Robyn said...

Such a good idea - I'm so impressed with how many of the items you already have. I think an aubergine/coral coat would look pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

Sharon, this is awesome! I love seeing your take on Janice's system, and especially that you are using garments you already own. I'm totally envious that you're even using your own pictures of the real things.

L said...

This is so interesting. I've been out of blogland for a while and have to go back to the beginning to understand the concept. Thank you for sharing.

BeaJay said...

Another great post. I have just realised that these are your own clothes - not something off Polyvore. Great job. How did you take yourself out of your clothes (so to speak)??