Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Navy Marfy 0757 skirt

This skirt has been finished for a few weeks now as some of you may have seen it during Me Made May 2014.

I cut this skirt out back in February and then soon realised after reading the wonderful notes by Leisa for the Sew-Along that this would take quite a bit of work to complete.

The skirt is underlined with cotton voile which was cut out the same as the skirt pattern and basted to the wool fabric and treated as one for the construction.  This let me catchstitch the seam allowances to the underling.

I have inserted by first pick stitched zip

For the waist I used my usual technique and then pick stitched the final seam.

Catch-stitched the hem and mitred the corners on the side vents

Handstitched the lace to the lining, finally adding lining thread bars

And here it is being worn,

This skirt has a lot more detail in it than any of my other skirts, I really enjoyed the handsewing and surprised myself by attaching the lace to the lining hem by hand, it just felt like the right thing to do.

I am planning to make the jacket later this year using the same navy wool and the final post has just been posted by Leisa for the Sew-Along. This gives me access to so much detailed information that will help me use some new and refresh some techniques with the jacket.

First I need to finish up the garments I took away for my sewing weekend!

2014 Stash Out: 13.35m
2014 Stash In: 45.75m


Gabrielle said...

Your finished skirt looks so good - the detailed work (and beautiful hand stitching) is so worth it!

L said...

Another fabulous skirt. You have the patience of a zen master to pick stitch!

BeaJay said...

A lovely skirt Sharon. Very chic. It looks fab with your top and boots - a great winter outfit.

Dilliander said...

What lovely couture finishes, a gorgeous skirt and must feel quite special to wear.

becki-c said...

So professional! This really looks so neat and chic. Its hard to imagine needing boots, here its in the 90's.

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

All the hand sewing details in this skirt make it very special. Beautiful work.

Sarah Liz said...

There is something very relaxing and very rewarding about handsewing a garment, or at least finishing it that way. It looks lovely - inside and out :)

poppykettle said...

It's beautiful :) I love the little thread tacks joining the lining, a wonderful idea!

Anonymous said...

Alway impressed by how neat your work is, inside and out. Definitely something to aim for myself...

kbenco said...

. The handpicked zip, lace on the lining, and the thread loop joining are beautiful construction details. Gorgeous work, and it shows in the lovely drape of the finished skirt.