Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pyjama Party

I was disappointed last year when I missed Karen's Pyjama party so as soon as she posted it was time again for another Pyjama Party - Tofino Style I jumped in.

I really liked the look of the Sewaholic's Tofino pattern and was wondering where I could get one from closer to home when Sandra pointed me in the direction of Sew Squirrel who stocks a huge range of indi patterns and the prices are exceptional.  I placed the order on the Friday before the long weekend and the pattern was in my hands on the Tuesday, now that is service.

My stash contained 2 pieces of fabric that had been earmarked for pyjamas, a cotton with cute owls on it

and a flannelette,

both purchased from Spotlight.

When I laid the fabric out on the cutting table I realised it was only 100cm wide, so either short pjyamas or find some contrast fabric to make use of the side panels of the Tofino pattern.

As both pairs are for the winter months (flannelette for home and the cotton for a centrally heated lodge) I wanted them to be long and I chose to make up the cotton pair first.

As we all know Sewaholic patterns are drafted for those generously sized around the hips, so even though my waist measurement put me in a size 4 for the waist, I was a size 0 for the hips.

The finished measurement for the size 4 waist was going to be far too large, so I chose to start with the size 2 waist and then graded back to 0 from the hips down as per Karen's helpful post.

It wasn't until I put these on when I was fitting the elastic, that I realised they were still rather large around the waist and hips.

At this point I was rather glad that I didn't use the piping on either side of the side panels as per the pattern suggestion because I took off the waistband and took 1.5cm off each vertical seam (x4) and then took a bit more out of the back crotch seam at the waist, tapering to nothing just above the curve.

These are long, even with the 5.5cm hem, I still cut off another 4cm.

These were finished on Sunday night in time for Karen's party, but as my home is not centrally heated, I have been a bit slow in getting the photos taken in a light cotton pyjamas.

Have to have bed socks!
Here they are flat on the bed

After seeing all the wonderful pyjama sets that everyone has made I realised that quite a few have added a Sorbetto  pyjama top, so maybe with the leftovers from the two cottons above (spots and owls), you might see a pyjama top to go with the pants at some time.

Now I've had a sewing fix, it is back to working on the pants muslins!

Stash Out:  13.75m
Stash In:  2.5


velosews said...

Very cute Sharon.

RebeccaHoward said...

The fabric combination is great. Nice jammies.

Kristy Chan said...

It must be a relief to whip out a pair of pants after all your efforts in muslin making!

RhondaBuss said...

Nothing better than a cute pair of pajama pants on a cold night. Well, I can think of one thing, but that's another story ;)

Sue said...

Cute jammies!

BeaJay said...

How cute are they. Very nice.

Carolyn said...

You look very comfy and warm in your new pj's. Sewaholic patterns must adore all these internet sewalongs featuring her patterns!

Cherrypix said...

Those two fabrics look great together! Really like the contrast effect!

Diana said...

Oh bedsocks for sure! Lol! Nice pjs.

Gail said...

Really like the combination of two fabrics.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic fabric combos! I love the photo of you reading. Thanks so much for taking part!

SimpleFibreLife said...

What cute fabric! Great idea to have a contrast panel!

Dilliander said...

Very stylish PJs, the mixed fabrics look lovely together.