Thursday, January 3, 2013

Another year has disappeared

and my sewing highlight of the year was to be announced as the winner of the Stitcher's Guild 2012 SWAP Competition, I still get a thrill when I think about this.

Interestingly with all the sewing focus for the first 4 months of the year, I felt that the remainder of the year wasn't as productive, lets see:

1 x Pants
3 x Skirts
8 x Tops
3 x Cardigans
1 x Jeans
2 x Dresses
1 x Jacket
1 x Vest
1 x Hand knitted garment
3 x Jewellery pieces
3 x Craft
5 x Bags

Wow that is a total of 29 items sewn, however the craft items are listed as 3 when each of those had a least 3 pieces to each of them, so not a bad year at all.

I never thought I'd make a bag, now I have made 5 in 1 year, a bit scary!

Patterns used:
Sure Fit Design - 1
BWOF - 2
Simplicity - 1
Vogue - 2
Jalie - 3
Kwik.Sew - 1
Moonshine Bags - 1
Nicole Mallalieu - 1
Hot Patterns - 1
Sewaholic - 1

Favourite Me Made Items

This would have to be the Minoru jacket, I love it, it gets worn every chance I get and the Jalie Jeans are still in high rotation.

The other item is my Leather Handbag, I'm just loving this bag.

2012 Sewing Goals - How did I go?
  • Complete 1 garment a month - 20 garments means I have certainly done that.  I think I am going to reword this goal, I manage to do the sewing but not cut out and sew that garment in the same month.
  • Complete at least one competition either at Stitcher's Guild or Pattern Review - I definitely achieved this one, SWAP 2012 at Stitcher's Guild, and I entered in the Handbag, Best Pattern and Jeans contests at Pattern Review.
  • Play with the binders for my Coverstitch machine and get comfortable using them - Oops this didn't happen.
2013 Sewing Goals
  • Complete at least 22 garments (20 in 2012, 24 in 2011).
  • Play with those binders!
  • Complete at least one competition either at Stitcher's Guild or Pattern Review 
And finally, a collage of the pieces I made in 2012.


BeaJay said...

A very well deserved win too. Can't wait to see the spoils of 2013.

Sue said...

You have had a great sewing year and I am thrilled for you too, to have won that competition on the Sewing Guild! All the best for 2013.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sharon you have made some very lovely items during the year both for yourself and other lucky people and they all are fantastic and show your style and skill. Well done. Happy sewing in 2013. Lee-Anne

Cherrypix said...

What a great year of sewing - especially winning the SWAP contest! Totally agree with you re: Minoru Jacket being the most successful make of 2012....(after all those toiles ;-)

RhondaBuss said...

You've had a very productive year. Congratulations! Looking forward to your creations of 2013!

Gail said...

You've had a great sewing year. My favourite was the Minoru jacket- a challenge that paid dividends!

Renata said...

What a massive achievement. You must be feeling very pleased with yourself, and deservedly so!!

Debbie said...

What a productive year you had. Wow! Congratulations on your win with the stitches guild.

Robyn said...

Such a successful year of sewing and your win was so well deserved. Happy sewing in 2013.

Carolyn said...

You've had a wonderful year in sewing, and made so many gorgeous things! and I am thrilled along with you that you won the Sewing Guild challenge!
Wishing you all the best for a super productive and enjoyable 2013, Sharon :)

Gabrielle said...

A great year; your sewing is always so beautiful!

Oh and this probably sounds very silly but I think I saw your doppelganger (or you?) on Victoria St on Saturday afternoon :-)

Carol said...

What a great output this year. I haven't counted mine yet, but I'm always surprised by how productive I am even when I think I'm not. I hope we finally get to meet in 2013. Once I get back up north, it will be much easier.

Maria (viola33) said...

A beautiful collage! I've had a very productive year, I love all the items :)