Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trench coat sewing

This is something Maria, Renata and I have been chatting about for some time now so Maria  has set up a sew-along on her blog here.

I have a RTW trench that I purchased in Melbourne back in 1985 which has seen better days and I really like the style and want to copy some of its details for my new trench.

Looking through my Burda Style magazines there are a lot of trench coat  patterns but the one that is closest to the RTW is this one from November 2008 - No. 123 which they have made up in wool.

and then I have the January 1975 Burda Magazine that I won which has another great trench coat pattern and this will come in handy as well for the details.

Back in February 2010 I purchased this wonderful dark brown Designer Raincoat Fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics and have been waiting for the time when I felt confident to use it,

and then of course the lovely lining material that I received with the 1975 Burda Magazine works perfectly with this fabric.

My plan for moving forward is to:
  • Trace the pattern from the magazine.
  • Make a toile to ensure all is right.
  • Decide if I want it to be double breasted as my RTW isn't? 
  • Decide on what zips I want to use and place my order with Zipperstop.
  • Gather my bedtime reading from a number of Threads magazines to figure what else I need to do.
So is anyone else going to join the sew-along?


SewRuthie said...

I shall watch with interest but not sew along. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I too will watch with interest. I would like to sew a trench coat one day, but right now we are going towards summer and I won't have any use for such a coat for several months.

Diana said...

I intend to join this Trench coat sew along but haven't posted details yet. I do have mine started . It's for my daughter. I love your fabric choices. this is going to be fun!

Anonymous said...

Trench coats now are the wrong season for me - but looking forward to following your progress!

Renata said...

That lining fabric is just too perfect. Sometimes I think these fabrics have a mind of their own and take over - you really had little choice.

BeaJay said...

I am someone else who will watch with great interest - but trenches are WAY out of my league.

Loving the look of the pattern - particularly the neck.

velosews said...

I like your fabric choices Sharon.

I've seen lots of single and double breasted trenches, so you it looks like you can choose either trench type.

There are lots of decision points along the way. Don't rush it.

Carol said...

This is the same pattern I plan to use. I love the lining. Yours will look lovely.

Sue said...

Lovely fabric choices. I thought about this sew-along but it is not for me right now. I will follow your progress with interest.

Carolyn said...

I really love your choice of fabric. I may sew another trench coat next year, but it is really warming up here now so I am into summer sewing at the mo. I will enjoy watching your progress. :)

RhondaBuss said...

I won't be sewing along, but I'm looking forward to seeing yours come to life. Your lining is so perfect!

Kristy Chan said...

I won't be sewing along either, but I nearly had a heart attack when you mentioned a 1975 Burda until I read that it was the one you won recently - imagine your collection of Burda mags if you'd been collecting since 1975!

I love your pairing of fabric, I have that same fabric you're going to use for lining except I was going to make a blouse from it (eventually).

Shelley said...

Living here in the NE of England, I've found trench coats to be my best choice for most of the year. They have to have a removable lining, though, and a hood. It's remarkable to me how few trench coats made here in Britain actually come with a hood. Does your pattern have either of these features?

Vicki said...

I'm tempted to join you. Not sure I can get the motivation to sew, but I really would like a grey trench coat. And I have SO much grey fabric!

Gail said...

But Sharon, summer is upon us! Great pattern.