Monday, December 5, 2011

At last they are finished ...

Finally, the reveal from our sewing weekend that I hinted at back here. Hemming is one of those jobs that I just can't get motivated to do.

The top is Kwik.Sew 3740 without the cowl in the chartreuse/grey/ink navy knit fabric. I am really liking this pattern as a basic T-Shirt and the only adjustment I made to this pattern was to raise the neck edge by 5cm (2") and take it back to the original shoulder seam.

You have already seen this top worn during Self Stitched September here and here.

The pants are V7881 in a navy wool crepe which are fully lined and I finally finished the hems last night as today was forecast for 19 C (66 F) for the 5th day of summer, this is still a bit cool for light summer skirts so I thought I would see how I like the pants.

Pattern adjustments

- Add 0.5cm to side seam from end of curve back to nothing
- 1cm wedge in centre front taking back to nothing at side seams.
- raised the centre front crotch by 0.5cm

- reduce the back side leg by 1.5cm
- Deepen the crotch curve
- 0.5cm off inseam to below the notch on the pattern.

These adjustments were made in calico and I felt confident enough to cut out the wool crepe that I had to see how they would make up, also realising that they are very different fabrics which could give me very different results.

Here are the results. As you can see there is a lot of fabric in the front crotch area.

and the back isn't too bad, they fit very nicely for my sway back and besides that pleat of fabric I think the leg width is too wide for my frame.

I'm still working on the frustrating journey of pants fitting, do I try and get the excess out of these or go back to the drawing board, decisions, decisions.

Now Jeans are another matter .....


Robyn said...

Pants can be so tricky - there might be a little extra fabric in front but they still look nice. I'm glad you're posting again :)

Gail said...

They look good but I prefer the silouette of those fantastic white jeans.

sdBev said...

These are really close. I think I'd make a stab at fixing the excess fabric in front. The back is excellent!

Anonymous said...

Lovely drape and colour!

Alison said...

I would leave these but use the same pattern & try a new pair. Angie might be helpful there!

I agree re 3740. It was the basis for my wool top with front zip. Love the draft of it and it can be changed in so many different ways.

velosews said...

I'd leave these pants as is too. They work and look elegant. The next pair might only need a bit of tweaking.

Gay McDonell said...

Once you start tweaking you probably won't rest until you've got it right - worth the effort in the end - and with this cold weather you'll need more pants!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and what a great fit