Sunday, July 3, 2011

Me-Made-June Wrap-Up

I have had some delightful comments during the month and thought I would share some of my thoughts about Me-Made-June.

First up Carol commented: I think you have the most co-ordinated wardrobe of anyone I have ever seen! I'm very envious.

So I need to confess.

I don't purchase any fabric or garment unless it works with these, My Personal Colour Solutions swatch.

This colour swatch lives in my handbag (it has the dog ears to prove it) and even for the smallest purchase, it is taken out and compared to the item I want to purchase (my DBIL even says I won't purchase jelly beans without it). If it doesn't work, no matter how tempting, it doesn't come home with me.

It doesn't have to be exact, it can be a mixture of a couple, as long as the base is the same.

Here is some fabric that I purchased on Saturday.

In real life the match is better, but I hope you can see what I mean.

I first had my colours done about 1989, however I did have a refresher last year at Kerryn's Fabric World and was very pleased to see that I am still in the same Autumn family.

Secondly, I need more accessories e.g. scarves, necklaces, belts that can make my tops look different. This is an area that I really need to work on.

Lastly, I was surprised:
  • at how many different outfits I could create over the month, there was only 1 day that I had the same look when sitting at my desk and there were a lot of new combinations for me.
  • that even though I loved my suit on Day 15, I really need to have another look at this as I don't think all that taupe is good for me.

I have really enjoyed the month and with the assistance of DH and sewing friends taking my photos for me it was a lot easier that setting up the tripod each morning even though I have purchased a digital remote for my camera.

Seeing all the other members of Me-Made-June's outfits has given me quite a few ideas and patterns to check out.

There wasn't much left in my wardrobe that was Me Made and I still have a way to go to have a wardrobe of all Me Made and I will get there, maybe not for September though.

And now here is a collage of all my outfits for the month.

Now back to some sewing, or maybe beading!


sdBev said...

Wow you could be the poster child for Color me Beautiful. You've done exactly what they recommended and it turns out so wonderful.

Gay McDonell said...

Very interesting - I have a swatch of cards - but I'm not very disciplined in their use - if I love it - I'll buy it, really doesn't worry me. Your collage looks great - professional, stylish looks - well done!

Jane said...

What a great month for you. You did so well. Thanks for talking about your color swatch cards, it reminded me that I had my colors done a number of years ago. I must pull them out and use them.

Robyn said...

You had a great Me Made June - I was always so impressed with your outfits. Love the colour swatch idea.

Robyn said...
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SewRuthie said...

You always look fabulous. I love how well your fan works for you (I am also a big fan of the season thing though mine was much harder to pin down). I don't see that having everything me-made is a real goal as there are some lovely things out there to buy too, especially if you are a fairly standard size/shape.

Alison said...

Love the collage! How about trying some of those purples in your swatches? Maybe even just a touch? I love that green fabric but alas, it's not in MY swatches. :(

LOL - My word verification is RANTI

KathyS said...

I had my colours done in 1989 too AND my swatch is in my handbag but rarely sees the light of day. Mostly I can guess whether it will work or not but that doesn't help me buy the right colours. I must use them more often. Yours definitely work for you.

Sue said...

You have got a great coordinated wardrobe - but, like Alison, I would love to see some purples added to your colours. I am a similar colour (warm-light according to Kerryn) and have added purples lately and love the pick up they give to my usual colour routine.
Thank you for sharing your wardrobe this last month. It is fun to see how people wear their me-made clothes.

Diana said...

What a concept and what fun! i enjoyed looking at all your outfits and always thought how professional you looked.
Your colour wheel is a great idea . I must cosider buying one.

Nancy said...

Your swatches are wonderful. Am I correct that you are an Autumn?