Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sewing & Stitchery Expo - Puyallup

I'm going on a sewing holiday.

Back in January 2010 my sewing buddy Alison tempted us with the idea of going to the Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, Washington in 2011. Needless to say Alison, Velowsewer and I have been planning ever since.

The Expo is on from 3-6 March, 2011 and is held at the Puyallup Fair and Events Centre.

On Christmas Eve I downloaded the Registration Brochure and then have spent a lot of time checking out what I wanted to do.

Online registration started on 10 January 2011 at 10.00am PST, which for us is 5.00am this morning, so the alarm was set and to the computer I went.

I am now booked into the following seminars:

  • Interfacing & Underlining - Ron Collins (Power Sewing)
  • Totes, Bags, Jewellery & More - Nancy Zieman
  • 40 Tips to Improve Your Sewing - Pati Palmer
  • Needle Bootcamp - Debra Justice
  • Power Sewing Toolbox - Sandra Betzina
  • Wonderful Weekend Wardrobes - Sandy Miller
  • The Arty Cardi - Marcy Tilton
  • Know Your Notions - Geri Grasvik
  • Sew With Your Feet - Debra Justice
  • Two Patterns for all Seasons - Kathleen Cheetham
  • Sew Like a Pro - Connie Crawford
  • The Classic Shirtdress Re-Invented - Cecelia Podolak
  • The 2-Hour Shirt or Blouse - Marta Alto
  • Going Beyond the Basic with Your Coverstitch - Candice Jewett
We are attending every day and I have worked out my seminars so that I have no more than 4 in any one day (the majority of those above are for 45 minutes only) so I have plenty of time to check out the amazing vendors that attend.

My flights are booked and Alison has been fantastic in organising our accommodation for us.

We are away for a total of 16 days, so we will also be visiting Seattle, Portland, Utah and Oakland. Now to work out a very compact and versatile wardrobe as the temperatures vary (the coldest will be a chilly 6 degrees Celsius) and it can also be very wet in Puyallup. One of the major issues is having room to bring home all the goodies I'm sure we will purchase, thankfully we are allowed 2 checked bags of 23kgs each.


sewing spots said...

Oh! I'm sure you will have the best time! How exciting! I went to the American Sewing Guild's national conference last year and it was wonderful! Just being surrounded by that many like minded people is so stimulating! Enjoy!

Carol said...

If this wasn't in March I would be going with you. I tried and tried, but there was no way I could make this work at this time. Maybe next time!

velosews said...

Yippee. We're booked in now. How exciting.

Sew-4-Fun said...

Green with envy!

Dilliander said...

Sounds fantastic Sharon, the 3 of you will have such a lovely time. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

Gail said...

You are very lucky. Learn lots and bring it back to the guild!

Alison said...

Ooooh...excitement plus!

But I'm not sure if 6C will be the coldest temps! SLC may be snowing. I've got my mormon friend praying for us LOL.

I didn't realise our workshop timetable was so similar.

Gay McDonell said...

Man O Man! WOW - sounds just awesome!

Jenni said...

Oh how exciting for you. I will be looking forward to hearing all about your adventures and I am sure you will have the most fabulous time.

Anonymous said...

‘Stylish Blogger Award’

I recently received the above award, which made me feel fantastic. Part of the package entails spreading the Blog Love onto your favourite bloggers & that is YOU…Thank you for sharing all of your sewing know how with us!!!


Leslie in NZ said...

Sharon, thank you for all those photos. I have a TNT pant pattern that I remake over and over, but I have never gotten the diagonal below bum wrinkles out, I just gave up!! I am going to try pulling up at centre back waist and see if it works for me too. You have reminded me that I must get back into my pants fitting book.

Please let us know what Puyallup is like. I have a brother in Vancouver, but I only ever visit him in the summer due to the weather. I would love to know if I should reconsider a visit while the show is on.

Wanda said...

Love the progress you are making on your pants! I made a muslin last year and, whilst it was a lot of work, I now have a pattern that works every time. I hope you are as happy with yours.

You will have a great time at Puyallup, gauranteed!

My good friend, Linda MacPhee, will be manning a booth at Puyallup. Her company is MacPhee Workshop. Look her up, especially if you like sewing with the "slinky" knit fabric.
Wanda from Edmonton, Canada

Constance said...

I haven't been to this Expo in years, but I am going this year! Hope you enjoy all your classes!