Saturday, December 18, 2010

Black Jeans from TNT Pants Pattern

The final piece from the ASG Conference is completed.

As I said earlier, these started with my TNT Pants pattern using Vogue 9537 (OOP). This pattern was adjusted for me quite a few years ago now and the toile is now the pattern. Here is a collage showing how these look and maybe I should have had a look at them like this before I started the Jeans conversion, I think I need to go back to the drawing board for a TNT pants pattern with those back wrinkles.

I traced off a new front and back piece (including seam allowances) to take to the Convention.

Back Pattern

Here is what the back piece look like compared to the original pattern underneath (the pink original is without seam allowances).

You can see the yoke is missing and the dart has been folded out from the original. The large curve on the inner back leg is the result of the change that Sue made when I tried the Jeans on on Tuesday to check the fit. As you can see it was quite a bit and then I sewed 2cm seams as well.

Front Pattern

Again you can see the original pattern underneath and the only change to this was to fold out the darts, add the fly front and this is after we had taken the 1.5cm off the waist so I need to redraw the pocket placement before I start the next pair.

Other Pattern Pieces

Sue's wonderful instructions gave us directions on how to draft these pieces, although I did borrow the back pocket pattern from the Jalie Jeans pattern I have.

One of the great things Sue showed us was the Pocket Front Extension, it effectively is a control panel and looks like this once the jeans are completed, and can be used for any pair of pants that has a front fly.

So here are some other views:

Back view close up:

Side view:

The waistband now sits nicely into my back, I took out a small wedge from the wasitband, lining the stitching up with the stitching on the centre back of the yoke and then topstitched.

Clearer picture of the back pocket details:

I have worn these a couple of times now and they are quite comfortable to wear.

Sue also suggested that I copy the 550 Levis I was wearing at convention and after reading Lindsay T's post about Glad Press 'N' Seal this might be the way to go, I just have to find it in Australia (in some Reject Shops I believe) or order from the US.


SewRuthie said...

Actually they look really good, but yes I'll be interested about the wrinkles. I have similar but seem to need it to sit down in them.

Alison said...

Order it from the US???? Hellooooooooo...we'll be there in 11 weeks. But who's counting? LOL.

The jeans look great BTW. Nice topstitching!

Anita (Summer Gypsy) said...

Your jeans look great on you. Very nice work.

sewistafashionista said...

Your jeans look terrific! The topstitching is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Sharon - thanks again for posting. I 'think' I'm going to try and do jeans from my TNT - if I ever get there again! As for the wrinkles - I "think" the back crotch is a bit short - I want to pull the jeans down from the top - maybe release the sides and add some length to the crotch seam - JMHO
Marciae from SG

marysews said...

I am going to have to follow your reviews more closely, now that I've found a twin to my belly! These turned out great!

sdBev said...

They look really good. If that was my body, I'd add just a little to the back crotch point, which is more of a preferred fit than a criticism. I'm just not sure you should make any changes to the pattern. It looks pretty darn good

Gay McDonell said...

Your jeans look great - I'm not about the solution for the wrinkles - but everywhere else looks fab!

velosews said...

You done a great job with your jeans. They look great and you've got a perfect working copy to progress with. And yes, we will be in the US sooner than you think.

Anonymous said...

I had just read Lindsay T's blog & was about to ask where to get the Glad Press n Seal product from!! Topstitching looks great - impressive!! elle63

Gail said...

A very professional job. Your top-stitching looks perfect and the fit is very good.