Sunday, January 10, 2010

Six-Piece Sew Along

Stitcher's Guild is holding a Six Piece Winter Sew Along (December to March) although with the differences in the hemispheres, some of us from "Down Under" are doing a Summer collection e.g.

Skirt (accent colour)
3 blouses/tops (1 to match skirt, 2 to complement)
1 light layering top/cardigan

I am in desperate need of summer clothes, so I am making:

Brown patterned dress BWOF 05-2008-104 - completed

An A-line skirt using McCall's 2029 OOP in this Brown/pink/orange/coffee linen

1. Matching top in the above linen- pattern to be decided
2. Cream bamboo knit - pattern to be decided
3. Coral knit that DS gave me in BWOF-05-2008-103 - completed. I have made this top before here.

Here is the top on Isabel where I have draped the linen to see if they work together.

Light layering top/cardigan
This I am still trying to figure out.


I had a few questions on "A New Me"

Jenni asked Has she a name yet?

Yes, her name is Isabel, after my DM who was the one who taught me to sew and sewed for me for many years when I was younger.

Kbenco It sounds so much easier than a duct tape dummy, with the tape holding rigid by itself (is this correct?)Is there another name for framer's tape? I am not familiar with this product? Is it tape used for picture frames - and where do you buy it?

Yes the tape is used by framers for the back of the picture frames. It has to be dampened to stick. DS purchased it from a craft store, it comes in a large roll. The tape isn't rigid until it dries, then it can stand by itself.


gwensews said...

I like your top. The rushed, diagonal sash is great! Is it on the front only, sewn into the side seams? You have a great plan. Make some beautiful things.

SewRuthie said...

lovely colours and a great plan. :-) Ruthie

Carol said...

I love these colours. They really suit you, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon
Great name for your other me. I love your fabulous invisible zipper tutorial and your 6 piece plan looks and sounds sensational, your fabrics are lovely. I hope you find lots of time to sew.
Cheers Lee-Anne