Monday, December 28, 2015

Twas 5 nights before Christmas .....

and I decided to make an extra gift for Mark's nieces and nephew.

This is where sewing with your friends on 19 December  at our ASG Group at The Remnant Warehouse is dangerous.  Deborah was making the Bendy Bag by Lazy Girl Designs and I was keeping a close eye on how this went together as I had the pattern in my stash and do have intentions of making one for myself.

Well Deborah made 2 in the one day of sewing so that got me thinking and when I showed Mark what I was thinking of, he said yes and he would have one as well*.

So again the bag stash was raided and so was my zipper stash as I needed  a 14" zipper for each bag.

The only thing that Deborah and I weren't that thrilled about was that the lining seams are visible and I did try and work out how to hide them but really don't think it is possible.  So I took some of the offcuts over to my Juki and tried a few finishes.

This is what I found worked best for those seams.

Stitch length of 1, Blade at 3.5 and foot pressure H.

I did manage to get two sewn during the working week and I was very thankful that our office closed on 23 December so that left me Christmas Eve to finish off the other two.

These were well received by Mark's nieces and nephew and there were quite a few hints from other members of the family, so I might have next years gifts for some already worked out!

* Mark is still waiting for his!

2015 Stash Out: 15.85 m
2015 Stash In: 18 m


Sue said...

More great gift ideas... need to bookmark this one!

Dilliander said...

These look lovely! Such what an interesting and clever design.

Andrea F said...

There's nothing like sewing Christmas presents on Christmas Eve, great job getting them done in time. (We spent that morning cleaning)

MaryEllen said...

These bags have been in my to-do list -thanks for motivation to just do it

Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't want one or more of these? Great gift idea! Another pattern I need to buy!

Valerie said...

What an interesting bag! Is the little handle part of the same zip or do you cut off a bit? It's got me intrigued.

Lightning McStitch said...

They are great little bags. Such a curious shape. Love how the main intended recipient gets shafted til last. That's how I roll too! There's nothing better, or more dangerous, than sewing company.