Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MMM '12 - Day 2

Another sunny day, but they are getting cooler, and my office is cold, so the tights are back in action.

Top:  Vogue 8572 in rust Polyester/Rayon blend (blogged here)
Skirt: Vogue 7937 in dark brown wool crepe (blogged here)
Cardigan: Purchased rust cashmere cardigan whilst in China in 2008.
Accessory: Me made spiral bead and netting stitch necklace (blogged here)
Tights: Chocolate brown.
Shoes: Diana Ferrari

I found it interesting this morning when I put the cardigan against the top, they match, even though they were purchased quite separately, different continents and in 2008 I didn't even have the fabric for the top.  This is not the first time this has happened since I have started using my colour swatch and it still amazes me when it does.


velosewer said...

You're very well put together Sharon. I hope you get some real gems next trip too.

emadethis said...

This rust is a great color on you.