Sunday, March 22, 2009

McCalls 3132 (OOP)

This is my first completed “bottom” for SWAP 2009 the brown cropped pants.

The pattern was fitted for me by my sewing teacher before she moved to Queensland.

I found one of the adjustments interesting, it is a diagonal tucks across the front leg (I have drawn it in blue to highlight it but the actual tuck is not quite as straight as the blue line).

The other adjustment was on the back pattern piece, a 1cm tuck was taken from the bottom of the waist dart all the way down the leg to the hem and then this was tuck further increased from just below the crotch curve and back to the original tuck for a length of 26cm.

And now, the back view ....


velosewer said...

Nice fit Sharon. Another clever piece to your co-ordinated wardrobe.

Carol said...

Great fit! You wear those colours so well.