Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's getting warmer

I have been thinking about how I can wear my lemon tie blouse differently, that is without the Chanel Jacket you saw yesterday, and this is what I have come up with.

Top: Marfy 2254 in lemon polyester with an emboridered flower design all over (blogged here)
Vest: Purchased burnt red vest.
Skirt: McCall's 7244 in a multi flecked fabric with a large amount of polyester as I have been sitting in it all day and no creases, purchased at Kerryn's Fabric World, fully lined using Sun Silky and made too many years ago to remember.
Accessory: Me made earrings.
Tights: Chocolate brown.
Shoes: Diana Ferrari

I am pleased at how this turned out and doesn't look too bad at the end of the day.

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Sue said...

I am enjoying following your self-stitched september. Sometimes it is good to try a new way of wearing an outfit - it is so easy to fall into patterns of clothes wearing. The yellow top works well with the vest.